Thursday, August 7, 2014

Fall in Love with Pink with Lancôme Rouge In Love

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lancome rouge in love
When I first entered the world of makeup, pink was the color I gravitated towards when it came to lip colors because it was pretty, feminine, and most of all, easy to pull off. As time passed I became a bit more adventurous, dabbling in the worlds of berries, oranges, and reds. For the longest time I didn't wear any pink lip products because they felt too simple and didn't stand out enough. It's only recently that I started loving pinks again. Afterall, they are one of those colors that pretty much go with any look and they are easy to apply before dashing out the door. 
So today, I wanted to share with you three gorgeous shades of pink from Lancôme's Rouge In Love line. To see some swatches and reviews, click......
lancome rouge in love
The Rouge In Love lipstick line from Lancôme has one of my favorite formulations among all the other high-end beauty brands. The formulation is unique in that it has an almost gel-like feel on the lips, super lightweight and incredibly moisturizing. The pigmentation is buildable and the finish has a gorgeous sheen that makes the lips look plump and hydrated. The only downside with the Rouge In Loves is the slightly shorter wear time as the colors do transfer during drinking and eating.

163M Dans Ses Bras:
Dans Ses Bras (which translates to "In His Arms" in English), is a gorgeous rosy pink with a tad bit of mauve-y undertone. I would still categorize this as a pink although it definitely gives off a more sophisticated vibe (it's not to say that pinks can't be sophisticated, though).
lancome rouge in love 163M Dans Ses Bras:

195B Rouge in Love:
A bright and juicy watermelon pink, Rouge in Love (that's the name of the actual shade) is the perfect summer pink. I honestly love just how plump and youthful it makes the lips look!
Lancome rouge in love 195B Rouge in Love

351B Rose Des Soupirants:
A slightly paler and cooler version of 195B Rouge in Love, this is the perfect pink for those with lighter skin tones (with pink undertones). The color is super buildable so you can either opt for a sheer wash of baby pink or build up to a more opaque color.
lancome rouge in love 351B Rose Des Soupirants
Here are some arm swatches of the three shades. Although they look quite different from each other on the arms, the differences become much more subtle when worn on the lips.
163M Dans Ses Bras, 195B Rouge in Love, 351B Rose Des Soupirants
So which shade are you feeling? I think my favorite is Dans Ses Bras just because it suits my skintone a bit better. Share your thoughts with me in the comments below!

Lancôme Rouge In Love is available at Sephora and other department stores.
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