Saturday, August 16, 2014

Lise Watier Double Definition Automatic Brow Liner in "Châtain": Review and Swatches

Disclaimer: Product featured was provided for review.
Lise Watier Double Definition Automatic Brow Liner in "Châtain"
One of my biggest woes in life is the fact that I was never blessed with beautiful, luscious full brows (curse you, Lily Collins!). Because of that, I am always on the lookout for new brow products that will help me look like I actually have some eyebrows. So when I saw that Lise Watier (one of my fave Canadian makeup brands) is releasing a new automatic brow pencil for Fall 2014, I was so very excited. I had the pleasure of receiving this pencil at the London Drugs Fall Beauty Preview event in June so I've had a lot of time to test it out. To find out how well the new Double Definition Automatic Brow Liner ($20 CAD) works, click.......
Lise Watier Double Definition Automatic Brow Liner in "Châtain"
Retractable lead.
The Double Definition Automatic Brow Liner features a twist up/retractable lead with a unique oval shape and a built-in brow brush on the other end. The narrow side of the lead is designed to draw precise outlines for the brow and the wide side is intended to fill out larger areas. When I actually used the product though, I really didn't notice the distinction between the two different sides. The lead is quite fat but it does work well at drawing both thick and thin lines.
Unfortunately, I have a very big issue with the packaging. As I've mentioned, the lead is quite thick and chunky and the twist-up barrel around the lead doesn't encircle it very snugly. So unless I only twist up very little of the lead, the lead will break very easily when I apply moderate pressure (which is necessary because the pencil has a harder texture). I've only used the pencil a total of four times and each time I've broken off a bit of the lead. The last time I used it, the whole lead actually fell out so I basically got four uses out of the pencil.
Lise Watier Double Definition Automatic Brow Liner in "Châtain"
Built-in Brush
The part that bums me out the most is the fact that this brow pencil actually has an amazing formulation. I have here the color Châtain (the pencil is also available in "Blond" and "Brun Universal"); it is an ashy taupe that works really well for those with black hair that wants a more natural look. The pencil has a rather hard texture that clings well to the skin. I find that brow pencils with a more creamy texture doesn't wear very well so this one was really perfect in that sense. Sadly because of the issue with the packaging, I hardly got to enjoy this wonderful color and formulation.
Lise Watier Double Definition Automatic Brow Liner in "Châtain"
Left: My sad, sad left brow with barely any hairs.
And no, I didn't over-pluck, that's what it looks like naturally.
Right: Left brow filled in with "Châtain".
I am so in love with the formulation and color of this pencil but the flawed packaging makes it a no-go. Lise Watier actually has a normal brow pencil (not twist up) in a color called "Châtain", I have yet to try it out but I am hoping it has the same formulation as this one!

Lise Watier is available online and in stores at London Drugs.
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