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Kiehl's Aromatic Mist Fragrance Set: Review

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Kiehl's is well known for its skincare products (Ultra Facial Cream anyone?) but did you know that the brand also has a line of fragrances? Luckily, Kiehl's recently released a mini sampler set featuring four of its best-selling scents in 10ml bottles so you get a chance to try out each of them without having to slurge. The Aromatic Mist Fragrance Set ($39.50 CAD) comes with the following scents: Patchouli & Fresh Rose, Nashi Blossom & Pink Grapefruit, Vanilla & Cedarwood, and Orange Flower & Lychee. To read a bit more about each of these, click.......
Kiehl's Aromatic Mist Fragrance Set: Review
The mini fragrances come in colorful cardboard boxes and the set is encased in a clear plastic box. Each scent is housed in a small round glass bottle, nothing too fancy but they have a nozzle spray for easy application.
Kiehl's Aromatic Mist Fragrance Set: Review
The Fragrances:
Patchouli & Fresh Rose:
This one is an earthy (patchouli) yet feminine (rose) scent. Although there are top notes of bergamot and orange, I can't really detect them.
Notes: Bergamot, mandarin orange, rose, patchouli 
Vanilla & Cedarwood:
This is a very warm and earthy scent that's a perfect blend of vanilla and cedarwood. Usually anything with vanilla tends to be sickeningly sweet, but in this case the vanilla is pleasant and mellow and complements the cedar well.
Notes: Uganda vanilla, cedar, iris, amber
Orange Flower & Lychee:
Oh boy, if you love lychee you are going to love this one! The scent is fresh and sweet as the lychee takes center stage. However, the scent is very well-rounded as the orange flower and honey complement the lychee so well.
Notes: Orange flower, lychee, honey, Moroccan rose
Nashi Blossom & Pink Grapefruit:
This one is a very interesting and unique scent. Upon application I can definitely detect the pear and the grapefruit but those two notes wear down very quickly, after which the ginger and musk become very salient.
Notes: Nashi (pear) blossom, pink grapefruit, ginger, soy milk, white musk
Kiehl's Aromatic Mist Fragrance Set: Review
Whether you just want to sample some of Kiehl's best-selling fragrances or invest in a some mini bottles for travelling, this set is beyond awesome. I personally loved the Orange Flower & Lychee and the Vanilla & Cedarwood.
Have you tried any Kiehl's fragrances before? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Kiehl's is available online and in stores across Canada.
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