Saturday, October 11, 2014

Lush Halloween 2014 Collection: Review

Disclaimer: Product featured was provided for review.
Halloween is almost here and like every year, Lush has unleashed an assortment of bath time darlings that will turn your bath tub into a cauldron of  awesomeness. To see what this year's offering include, click......
Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar ($7.95 CAD):
Formulated with juniperberry, grapefruit, and lime oil, this sparkly pumpkin-shaped bubble bar will make your bath water super shimmery and refreshing. Simply crumble under hot running water; this bubble bar is good for at least three baths (or one crazy bubbly one).

See it in action here:

Made with fresh shiitake mushrooms (pretty cool, eh), coconut oil and scented with jasmine and ylang ylang, this adorable soap keeps the skin supple and refreshed. All Lush soaps are made in a giant batch and when you buy yours, you get a slice off of the original piece. The "unchopped" fairy ring soap is actually a giant mushroom that looks like a home to little fairies!
Check out what the mushroom looked like before it was sliced up:

Can this thing get any cuter? The shimmery little guy is formulated with tangerine, fennel, and juniperberry to give your bath a warm and inviting scent plus tons of bubbles. For some reason, the shape and color of this bar reminds me of little purple penguins as well, do you see what I mean?
See it in action here:

This thing may not look like much on the outside but when you drop it in your bubble, it will start to crackle and fizzle, turning the water into a warm, festive blend of colors. Additionally, the Sparkler has the the scent of well beloved Rose Jam. What more can you ask for?
Check out the Sparkler in action:

If you love something earthy and spicy, check out these wicked bath bomb formulated with a blend of patchouli and black pepper. When dropped in the bath, its green exterior quickly melts away to give rise to swirls of silver and splashes of pink. 
See it in action here: 

Lush never disappoints! Every item in the Halloween Collection looks like a ton of fun. My recommendations are definitely the two bubble bars (Sparkly Pumpkin and Wizard) because bubbles in the bath are the best and the shimmers these have will turn your bath water into a mesmerizing pool of wonders.

The Halloween Collection is available online and in stores at Lush.
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