Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Gift Idea for Him: Nerd Block November Unboxing & Review

Disclaimer: Product featured was provided for review.
Gift Idea for Him: Nerd Block November Unboxing & Review
Hey everyone, hope you are having a good day so far! Given that the holidays are almost upon us, I wanted to share with you a great subscription gift idea for the geeky guys in your life. The classic Nerd Block ($19.99 USD/Month) subscription delivers a box full of nerdy, geek apparel and collectables straight to your door. Each box includes one graphic tee and four to six full-sized items. To see what's in the November box, click......
Deadpool T-Shirt:
I am not very familiar with Deadpool but I honestly could not figure out who it was until I searched online. The crown and the weird taco-looking sceptre he is holding really threw me off. The quality of the screen printing isn't the best but for the price of the box it's not too bad. You can also customize your box by selecting the size of T-Shirt you want.

Super Mario Bros' Boo Inspired Slap Watch:
This is very cute watch with slap bracelet straps. The slap straps are made of black silicone and the face of the watch features Boo from Super Mario. The straps are quite thick and since it's a slap watch you can't really adjust the tightness, it fits a bit too snugly on the wrist.
Gift Idea for Him: Nerd Block November Unboxing & Review
Super Mario Slap Watch
Iron Man Mug:
This awesome coffee mug features a strip of comic from The Invincible Iron Man. The design is pretty darn cool and the red and yellow really pops from the black mug.
Gift Idea for Him: Nerd Block November Unboxing & Review
Iron Man Mug
Boba Fett Fan Wraps:
These are some vinyl decals from Star Wars that can be used on any smooth surfaces. I think they would be pretty neat if you are into the movies.

Authentic Bruce Campbell Autograph:
Probably the most esoteric item in this box. This is a postcard with actor Bruce Campbell's autograph on it (there was even a seal of authenticity). After some research I learnt he is the lead in a lot of cult horror films. I think this item would have been a lot cooler in a special edition Nerd Block box, because the chances of the receiver appreciating this would be a lot greater.
Gift Idea for Him: Nerd Block November Unboxing & Review
Boba Fett Decals & Bruce Campbell Autograph
Batman Plush Doll:
Probably my favorite item from the box, this cute Batman plushie has all the neat details of the more classic Batman suit.
Gift Idea for Him: Nerd Block November Unboxing & Review
Batman Plush Doll
This is a pretty cool box! I loved the plushie, the mug, and the slap watch. If you are an authentic geek, you'd probably enjoy all the items included. I think in terms of value, $20 is actually really great. Shipping fee depends on location but to Canada it's about $8.

Nerd Block can be subscribed online. There are four other subscriptions with a more specific theme, including two for younger fans (boy and girl edition), horror fans, and video game fans.
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