Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival: 49th Parallel

Disclaimer: Product featured was provided for review.
For the 5th year, The Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival (January 17th to February 14th) is back once more! Over 50 of Vancouver's favorite bakeries, cafes, and chocolatiers are showcasing their version of the ultimate winter treat. Yesterday, Hanson from over at Nosh & Nibble and I visited 49th Parallel on Main St. to get a sneak peek of what's to come.......
49th Parallel is well known for its specialty coffees and Lucky Donuts, but for the Festival this year, the cafe is participating for the first time with a couple of very special hot chocolates.

The Lumberjack:
A unique spicy Mayan hot chocolate made with chocolates from Soma Chocolatemaker, this is no ordinary hot chocolate! I love how rich and creamy it is, but unlike your traditional hot chocolate, The Lumberjack is not overly sweet and it has quite a spicy kick to it!
The Lumberjack comes with a fresh, hand-rolled wafer log dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with chocolate flakes. In addition to the wafer, you also get a few maple syrup marshmallow, yum!
The Lumberjack
The Lumberjack
Maple Syrup Marshmallow & Hand-rolled Wafer Dipped in Dark Chocolate
The Nanaimo Bar:
Inspired by the famous British Columbian dessert, this hot chocolate has all the makings of a Nanaimo Bar. Made with foamy coconut milk and 72% dark chocolate, the drink is incredibly comforting and creamy. Paired with the Nanaimo Bar hot chocolate is a doughnut-shaped financier dusted with a generous sprinkling of powdered sugar. The cake is super moist on the inside, and the doughnut shape makes it extra cute!
The Nanaimo Bar
The Nanaimo Bar
Doughnut-shaped Financier
If you are planning a trip to 49th Parallel in the next couple of weeks, make sure to check out these selections. My pick would definitely be The Lumberjack!
Each hot chocolate/dessert pairing is $6 and you also have the option of getting an original flavored hot chocolate with a Lucky donut of your choice for $6.50. The Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival goes from January 17th to February 14th, check out all participating locations here! Big thanks to Colter the Hot Chocolate Guru from 49th Parallel for treating us to all these yummy noms, can't wait to see what other goods are coming!
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