Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Soft Peaks Organic Milk Soft Serve: Restaurant Review

If you live in Vancouver then you must have heard about the new soft serve ice cream place that opened up in gastown. The much-talked about Soft Peaks recently opened at 25 Alexander Street and it serves homemade organic soft serve ice cream. Last sunday I had a visit to the place and the line was out the doors! To check out my thoughts on the ice cream by click.......
Soft Peaks menu
Opened by brothers Dan & Ken Kim, Soft Peaks ice cream is made from Avalon Organic Milk each day from scratch. Because the base of the ice cream is milk, it has a much lower fat content and the milk is only lightly sweetened. The ice creams vary from $4 to $6.75, depending on the size and toppings. One of their bestseller is the Honey Comb Peak, which is topped with a chunk of fresh Fraser Valley honey comb. The place is fairly spacious with a couple of seatings on the lower level and plenty of seats up stairs. The decor of the place is super cute and welcoming as well.
Fraser Valley Honeycomb used on the Honeycomb Peak flavor
Honeycomb Peak (left) & Rocky Mountain (right)
My friend opted for the Honeycomb Peak and I went with the Rocky Mountain with caramel. The Soft Peaks ice cream tastes noticeably different from other soft serve ice creams I've tried. The flavor is milkier and less sweet and the texture feels thicker and creamier. I really enjoyed the combination of caramel and toasted coconut flakes in the Rocky Mountain and I imagine the Honeycomb Peak tastes just taste good although I'm not a fan of the waxy texture of honeycombs.

This is actually the second time I've visited the place and I've noticed something about the way they serve the ice cream that's a tiny bit irksome. The soft serve seems to be mainly dispensed around the wall of the cups so you end up having a sizable hole in the middle of the cup. I've been told by my boyfriend that this is how restaurants usually dispense ice cream in order to save on supply but to I'm not sure if that's very justifiable considering that a regular size costs around $6.50 .
Rocky Mountain with toasted coconut and caramel
Honeycomb Peak
I love the taste of the milkier and lightly sweetened soft serve. However, I don't know if this is a place I would return again and again given that there is really one flavor of ice cream (with different flavor options) to choose from. Additionally, with a ~$6.75 price tag for a regular size, I wish they didn't skimp on the ice cream. All in all though, Soft Peaks is definitely one of a kind soft serve place in Vancouver that uses fresh and organic ingredients. My verdict is that you should at least try the place once to experience the unique flavor and texture.

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