Monday, April 13, 2015

Schick Sets You Free Giveaways

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.
Schick has always been known for its "Free Your Skin" campaign and for 2015 Schick literally wants to set you free with its new Shop Free for A Year giveaway!
Starting April 1st and lasting until the end of September, the purchase of any Schick products marked with the Shop Free For A Year sticker comes with a code that gives you the chance to win a $15,000 prepaid Visa gift card! There are over 2,450 additional prizes to be won as well!
Look for specially marked Schick products!
Additionally, Schick will be hosting weekly giveaways on the @FreeYourSkinCa Twitter account and at the end of April, @FreeYourSkinCa will be hosting a Twitter Party with some great prizes to be won!
Schick has some truly awesome shavers so make sure to pick one up with the Shop Free For A Year sticker the next time you go razor-shopping!
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