Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Schick Sets You Free: What I would do with $15,000!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.
Hey everyone! I've got a fun little post to share with you today and that is what I would buy if I won the Schick Shop Free for A Year $15,000 prepaid visa gift card giveaway!
Starting April 1st and lasting until the end of September, the purchase of any Schick products marked with the Shop Free For A Year sticker comes with a code that gives you the chance to win a $15,000 prepaid Visa gift card! There are over 2,450 additional prizes to be won as well!
So what would I spend the money on, read on to find out.......

Look for specially-marked Schick products!
I got quite a few places I'd love to visit! On the top of my list are England, France, Greece, and pretty much most of the European tourist destinations. I'd love to spend a good month or two there, just enjoying the scenery and the culture.
Additionally, New York City is also high on my list. I'd love to visit all the museums there and eat all the food the city has to offer.

New Gadgets:
I've wanted a new camera and lights for a long time now as I want to venture into making videos. With a video camera, I can do monthly favorite videos, nail art tutorials, and more personal videos so I can better connect with you guys. 
Also, it's really about time for me to replace my computers. My desktop is running crazy slowly nowadays and half of the screen of my laptop checked out last year. I want to get a new desktop Mac and the new MacBook.

In terms of things I want to spend on right now, traveling and new gadgets are the only ones that come to mind. Since I am going back to school soon again this year for nursing, I'll need money for tuition so whatever's left (if there are any) I will hold onto and use them for school.

So, what would you do with $15,000? Share with me in the comments below!

Additionally, Schick is hosting weekly giveaways on the @FreeYourSkinCa Twitter account, there are some great prizes to be won!
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