Wednesday, May 27, 2015

New from The Body Shop: Fuji Green Tea & Virgin Mojito Collections

Disclaimer: Product featured was provided for review.
For Summer 2015, The Body Shop is adding two refreshing new collections to help keep you cool and squeaky clean in the hot summer weather. The limited edition Virgin Mojito collection and the new permanent Fuji Green Tea range are both now available in stores so let's take a look at some products from the two lines.......
Fuji Green Tea Body Lotion & Body Wash
Fuji Green Tea Collection (Body Wash $9 CAD, Body Lotion $13 CAD, Body Scrub $22)
Made with Japanese Fuji green tea extract full of antioxidants, this collection promises to detox and replenish the body. Everything in this range has a very subtle tea scent that's both refreshing and calming. The body lotion is lightweight and absorbs quickly while the body wash lathers nicely, providing the skin with a squeaky clean feel. Interestingly, the Body Scrub, the item that I was most interested in, ended up being a bit disappointing. Sparsely filled with scrubbing particles, the scrub is not effective enough for my preference and the gel base formula doesn't lather at all which I find a bit hard to get used to.
Top left: Virgin Mojito Body Scrub; top right: Virgin Mojito Body Butter
Bottom: Fuji Green Tea 
Limited Edition Virgin Mojito (Body Butter $20 CAD and Body Scrub $22):
Inspired by the popular summer cocktail, this collection has a zingy citrus scent. The body scrub is of a similar texture and feel as the Fuji Green Tea one, thus it's simply not scrubby enough for my liking. The body butter, on the hand, is rich and moisturizing, just like all other body butters from The Body Shop.
Virgin Mojito Body Scrub
I love it when The Body Shop brings in new collection and out of the two the Fuji Green Tea Collection is definitely my favorite. The scent is very calming, great for tea lovers!

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