Thursday, June 4, 2015

Sephora Lingzhi Eye Mask: Review

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Sephora Lingzhi Eye Mask: Review
As you may know, sheet masks are a huge part of Asian beauty regimens. So recently, Sephora has joined in on the beauty mask trend by releasing a line of eight different Eye Masks ($6 CAD each) designed to target different eye area concerns. Yesterday I tried out the anti-aging and smoothing Lingzhi Eye Mask. The mask comes with one set of fiber sheet masks, to see how well they worked, click......
Sephora Lingzhi Eye Mask
The sheet eye mask comes in a plastic packet with an outer paper envelope. Inside the packet are two eye patches adhered to a film backing, which needs to be removed before applying the masks.
The sheet eye masks are generously sized, they actually cover a large area under and around the eyes. The one-time-use masks are to be worn for 15 minutes before removal.
Sephora Lingzhi Eye Mask: Review
Infused with lingzhi mushroom extract, these eye masks promise to plump the skin and reduce the signs of aging. The mask felt super cooling and pleasantly tingly under the eyes. The sensation is very noticeable, making it one of the most relaxing masks I've tried. After removal after 15 minutes, I noticed that my skin looked hydrated and supple, although I doubt a one-time-use will result in any long-lasting improvement. 
My verdict is that these feel amazing and perhaps with continued (daily or weekly) use, I may be able to see a big difference. However, the big downside for me about these is the price. At $6 CAD a pair, a regular usage of these would prove to be more expensive than most eye creams I've tried!

Sephora Collection is available online and in stores at Sephora.
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