Tuesday, July 7, 2015

eos Shave Cream: Review

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eos Shave Cream: Review
eos, well known for its spherical and adorable lip balms, also offers a range of 24 Hour Moisture Shave Creams ($5.69 CAD each). Infused with vitamin B3, grapeseed extract, and green tea extract, these rich shaving creams promise to moisturize, brighten, and even the skin with every shave. So how well do these work? Read on to find out, click......
Available in three fragrances (Pomegranate Raspberry, Vanilla Bliss, and Lavender Jasmine), the eos Shave Cream comes in a tall tube equipped with a propellent-free pump. I like the cute bottle design but the pump doesn't work very well as it doesn't pop back very easily after each pump.
eos Shave Cream: Review
eos Shave Cream
Made with shea butter, conditioning oils, aloe vera, oat extract, and vitamins, the shave cream has a rich but lightweight texture. Unlike traditional shaving gels, this one doesn't foam up and I find that it doesn't adhere very well to wet skin. With that said, it does leave the skin feeling very soft and moisturized. The different scents are also very lovely and the creamy texture helps the razor glide more smoothly. Overall, I like these but I'm not in love. I like the traditional foamy shaving gels more as they adhere better to wet skin.

eos is available at major retailers including Shoppers, Walmart, Loblaws, Rexall, and London Drugs.
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