Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Masque BAR by Look Beauty Green Tea & Lemon Sheet Masks: Review

Disclaimer: The products featured were provided for review.
Sheet masks are becoming more and more prevalent in the skincare regimen of most Canadian women, and to help make the traditionally Asian beauty trend more accessible, Masque BAR by Look Beauty has released a line of different sheet masks ($9.99 per set of 3) that cater to various skin needs. A Korea-based company, Masque BAR by Look Beauty's masks are made of thin cotton sheets soaked with nourishing serums full of natural and skin-loving ingredients. I gave both the Green Tea and Lemon masks a try. To see how well they work, click.......
Masque BAR by Look Beauty Green Tea Sheet Masks
The masks come in a cardboard box, there are three masks per box. These cotton sheet masks are on the smaller side. I have a fairly large face so the outer rim of my face and forehead is mostly left uncovered.
Masque BAR by Look Beauty Lemon Sheet Masks
The Green Tea Sheet Mask is infused with green tea extract, collagen, and vitamin E. It is designed to soothe, moisturize, and refresh the skin. These masks have just the right amount of serum, not dripping wet but not too dry. They feel very soothing and slightly tingly. After 20 or so minutes of wear, my skin definitely feels super nourished and hydrated. Unfortunately, these don't have as strong of a green tea scent as I had hoped.
The Lemon Sheet Mask is made with lemon extract, collagen, and vitamin E. This one is designed to purify, moisturize, and soothe. Similar to the Green Tea mask, this one feels very calming and cooling. I feel that there is no difference between the two different types of masks. With the lemon masks, I get the same hydrating and nourishing benefits and my skin looks super refreshed and supple after using either mask.

These masks are a bit small but they have the perfect amount of serum. I personally don't really feel the difference between the Lemon and the Green Tea but they both feel very cooling on the face and my skin is left feeling hydrated and refreshed.

Masque BAR by Look Beauty products are available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart.
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