Thursday, July 9, 2015

Sephora Ultimate Warming Cleanser: Review

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Sephora Ultimate Warming Cleanser: Review
Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well! Today I want to give y'all a quick review of the new Sephora Ultimate Warming Cleanser ($22 CAD). With a honey-like consistency that warms up upon contact with the face, the cleanser is infused with maple sap extract that soothes the skin. Interested? Read on to find out how well it works......
Sephora Ultimate Warming Cleanser
The Ultimate Warming Mask comes in a simple flip-top squeezable tube. The sticky yet runny cleanser gets a bit messy, especially around the spout so make sure to close the cap tightly after each use.

According to the directions, the cleanser should be applied on dry skin. To remove, lather with water and wash off. When applied on dry skin, the cleanser feels very sticky and it's hard to spread it evenly across the skin. The warming sensation is pretty mild and it goes away within seconds so that's a tad disappointing. The cleanser is good at removing face makeup, but I don't recommend it for the eye area as it doesn't remove waterproof eye makeup and will make everything super icky and sticky.
With water, the cleanser will lather a bit but it washes off really nicely, leaving the skin feeling squeaky clean but not dry or tight.
Sephora Ultimate Warming Cleanser: Review
Sephora Ultimate Warming Cleanser
This isn't a standout product. I like the concept, but I don't like the sticky texture and the fact it doesn't spread nicely across the skin. With that said, it removes face makeup very well and leaves the skin feeling clean and hydrated.

Sephora Collection is available online and in stores at Sephora.
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