Sunday, August 23, 2015

Build Your Own Pizza: Hearthstone Pizza in Coquitlam

A couple weeks ago, I paid a little visit to a new pizza joint in Coquitlam called Hearthstone Pizza. Now I don't usually drive forty minutes just to visit a pizza place but this joint is pretty darn special. With a 600-degree celsius stone oven that bakes your pizza right in front your eyes, Hearthstone allows you to choose exactly what you want on your pizza. When you order, you can choose from a huge variety of sauces, cheese, meats, and vegetables for your topping. I had one heck of an amazing customized pizza so I want to tell y'all all about it. To read on, click.......
Hearthstone Pizza, meat and vegetable selections
Hearthstone Pizza, cheese and sauce selections
Currently Hearthstone offers only thin crust dough but they plan on expanding the options in the future. On your pizza you can choose your (unlimited) sauces, cheeses, meats, and veggies. After you are happy with your selection the pizza gets baked right in front of your eyes in the Hearthstone stone oven at 600-degree celsius. After less than ten minutes, the crust is crispy and the cheese is melty.
My customized Hearthstone Pizza
My pizza came out amazing! Never before have I had the ability to make so many customizations. The blue cheese and pesto gave the toppings so much flavor and the meats are amazingly tasty. Most of all though, I'm so impressed with the speediness of my order and how good the value is (a large 11-inch pizza is $9 and the small is $7). The crust is comparable to some of the best New York style pizzas in town, so thin and crispy! If you live in the area then definitely check this out and if you love pizza and live in Vancouver, Hearthstone is still worth a drive!
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