Saturday, October 24, 2015

Lush Halloween 2015 Collection: Review

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links and the products featured were provided for review.
Halloween is almost upon us and like always, Lush has some awesome goodies for us to enjoy. To read about a few key bath and shower products from the range, click........

Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar ($7.95 CAD):
Returning from last Halloween and formulated with juniperberry, grapefruit, and lime oil, this sparkly pumpkin-shaped bubble bar will make your bath water super shimmery and refreshing. Simply crumble under hot running water; this bubble bar is good for at least two baths (or one crazy bubbly one).
Lush Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar
Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb ($6.95 CAD):
Made with patchouli, black pepper oil, and a splash of vanilla absolute, the green-colored Lord of Misrule slowly fizzes in the tub to reveal its vibrant magenta center. I really enjoy the earthy and citric scent of this lovely bath bomb.
Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb
Nightwing Shower Jelly ($6.95 CAD):
With the appearance of a jiggly black bat, this is a shower gel in the form of a jello chunk. To use, simply lather in a shower pouf to create a satisfying lather. The jelly smells super refreshing as it is formulated with lime and aloe.
Nightwing Shower Jelly
To see these awesome Halloween products in action, check out this spooky video from Lush:

Lush Halloween Collection is available in stores and online at Lush.
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