Friday, October 9, 2015

The Body Shop Spa of The World Collection: Review

Disclaimer: The products featured were provided for review.
For Fall 2015, The Body Shop has a new luxury body collection that aspires to bring the spa experience to your own home. Filled with exotic and treasured ingredients from all over the world, the Spa of the World Collection ranges from body creams, scrubs, bath powders, to even a couple of body masks. To read a bit about a few products from the line, click.......
Egyptian Milk & Honey Bath
Egyptian Milk & Honey Bath ($20 CAD):
This is a relaxing bath powder made with oatmeal, honey, olive oil, sesame oil, and powdered milk. The product comes in a sealed bag inside a nice fabric pouch. Included is a tiny wooden scooper.
The Body Shop suggests adding five scoops of the powder into a running bath. The product has a calming, subtle citrus scent and it made my bath water nice and milky. However, I found that I had to add more than half of the bag (way more than five scoops) for a truly soothing bath. All in all, this is similar to a crushed bath bomb. I love the scent and how it made my skin feel but I kind of wish the bag included more product because I could only get two baths out of the whole bag.
Left: Dead Sea Salt Scrub
Right: African Ximenia Scrub

Dead Sea Salt Scrub ($30 CAD):
Packed with sea salt, mango oil, soybean oil, and sunflower seed oil, this is a gentle exfoliative body scrub. The product is very rich and buttery but I didn't like the sticky, greasy residue it left on my skin.

African Ximenia Scrub ($30 CAD):
Formulated with shea butter, ximenia tree oil, and beeswax, the African Ximenia Scrub has a rich and creamy consistency, sparsely packed with exfoliating salt particles. This scrub is very gentle and incredibly moisturizing. My skin feels soft and hydrated after each use and I love the soft and soothing fragrance.
Left: Himalayan Charcoal Body Clay
Right: Moroccan Rhassoul Body Clay
Himalayan Charcoal Body Clay ($22 CAD):
Made with kaolin, charcoal powder, salicylic acid, and willow bark extract, this is a body mask designed to be after showering. The instructions specifically say not to use this mask on the face, I am not sure why but I am guessing that the ingredients may be a tad harsh on sensitive skin. I
 really appreciate the concept but I don't find this product to be very practical. The mask has to be left on the skin for ten minutes, which means I have to stand naked in my cold bathroom. I imagine this to be great in the summer but for me, body masks are probably better left to be done on a relaxing spa day inside a warm sauna.

Moroccan Rhassoul Body Clay ($22 CAD):
A variant on the Himalayan Body Clay, this is a kaolin and Moroccan lava clay body mask. It has an interesting fragrance that lies somewhere between floral and nutty. It did in fact leave my skin slightly firmer immediately after washing it off, but the effect did not last long.
Polynesian Monoi Radiance Oil
Polynesian Monoi Radiance Oil ($20 CAD):
A blend of sweet almond oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, and tiare flower extract, this is a lightweight dry body oil. The formulation is very moisturizing and not too greasy and the scent is very tropical and fruity.
Left: Hawaiian Kukui Cream
Right: Japanese Camellia Cream
Hawaiian Kukui Cream ($35 CAD):
Made with brazil nut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, and kukui oil, this is a lovely body butter with a light tropical scent. The formulation absorbs really quickly and the texture is super lightweight, similar to a The Body Shop Body Butter.

Japanese Camellia Cream ($35 CAD):
With a beautiful and calming floral scent, this body cream has a buttery, almost bouncy texture. Made with shorea butter, shea butter, and camellia seed oil, the Japanese Camellia Cream is surprisingly lightweight and moisturizing, leaving my skin soft and nourished.

The Body Shop is available online and in stores at The Body Shop Boutiques.
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