Saturday, November 21, 2015

Lush Holiday 2015 Salt and Peppermint Bark Body Scrub: Review

Disclaimer: The product featured was provided for review.
Spankin' new for Holiday 2015, the Salt and Peppermint Bark Body Scrub ($9.95 CAD) from Lush is an interesting sea salt bar that promises to buff and polish away your dry, winter skin, just in time for the festivities. I've already finished an entire bar, so today I want to share a quick review with you.......
Made with fine sea salt, fair trade organic cocoa butter, cupuacu butter, and peppermint oil, the Salt and Peppermint Body Scrub is a solid chunk of scrub tinted a light shade of mint, splattered with bits of pink and cream. Upon first picking up this baby, I thought the bar felt a tad greasy, so I was worried that the product might leave behind an oily residue. However, the scrub bar made my skin nourished and soft but not at all greasy.
The sea salt in this is very potent, quickly scrubbing down any roughness and dead skin on my body (this is especially good for areas you experience ingrown hair). Because of the rough texture, I definitely wouldn't try this on the face. The peppermint scent is very invigorating and refreshing, the only downside of this guy is that it wears away a lot faster than other Lush scrub bars I've tried. You can only get about four to five full body scrubbing out of the whole bar. My little tip is to make sure to never let the bar directly touch running water or be submerged in bath water, which would melt the bar a lot faster than if you simply scrubbed it on wet skin. Overall, this is a winner for me, check it out if you love a good body scrub!

Lush Christmas releases are available online and in stores at Lush.
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