Thursday, February 18, 2016

Dior Spring 2016 Dior Addict Lip Glow Liner & Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm: Review and Swatches

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Ever since their release in 2008, the Dior Addict Lip Glow products have been among the brand's top sellers and for Spring 2016, Dior is adding a new liner to the collection. I've never tried any Lip Glow products before so today I am sharing with you my review of both the original Dior Addict Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm ($40 CAD) and the new Dior Addict Lip Glow Liner ($36 CAD). To read on, click.......
Dior Addict Lip Glow Liner & Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm
Both the Dior Addict Lip Glow liner and balm come in silver and translucent pink packaging. The balm has the classic Dior Addict lipstick design while the liner has a thin and flat retractable tip. The flat-tipped shape of the balm is great for easy and mirror-free application but I found the liner lead to be quite fragile, it snapped right off even though I only twisted it up three or so millimeters. So definitely be careful with that during application.
Dior Addict Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm
The Dior Addict Lip Glow Liner applies translucent and slowly adjusts to a pretty light pink after reacting with the lip's moisture level. The formulation has a silicone-y matte finish, it's very smoothing and plumping without feeling sting-y or uncomfortable. The hydration it provides is decent but it doesn't moisturize for hours on end, so for that reason, it's not something I would wear on its own. Also, because it already has a sheer pink pigmentation, I don't really want to waste it by topping it with a lipstick color. So for me, this is a decent product but it just doesn't easily fit into my makeup routine. I didn't bother sharing a swatch as it looks pretty similar to the balm (see below), except for a matte finish.
Dior Addict Lip Glow Liner
The Dior Addict Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm, on the other hand, is something I've been using on a daily basis. Formulated with mango butter and gourd extracts, this is a lovely balm that applies transparent and then turns light pink. The formulation is moisturizing and it gives a natural shine. My only criticism is the slightly tacky finish, which isn't comfortable but it helps make the product last longer. Also, even when the shine wears away, a light pink stain stays behind, making this great for those that want a little color on their lips but don't want to deal with high-maintenance lip products.
Dior Addict Glow Color Reviver Balm
Dior is available online and in stores at Sephora, Holt Renfrew, and The Bay.
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