Sunday, March 20, 2016

Lush Easter 2016 Collection: Review

Disclaimer: The products featured were provided for review.
Hey everyone, I hope your Sunday is off to a good start! Lush's Easter 2016 Collection has hit the stores so today I want to share with y'all a few goodies from the line. Easter is not a holiday that I observe but Lush always comes up with some cute releases around this time of the year that gets me super excited. To read more about each product, click......

A classic Easter product from Lush, Golden Egg is a beautiful bath melt that turns your bath water into a sparkly tub of gold (the shimmers are seaweed-based and plastic-free). With a sweet orange caramel-y candy scent, the egg is made with cocoa butter, which really nourishes and softens the skin. The egg surprisingly leaves only very little mess in the tub. However, the egg I got looks a lot less glittery compared to the ones I've see on social media.

A super fun blue and pink bath bomb, Humpty Dumpty has a soft citrus scent. I think this is actually supposed to be shaped like a cute egg man with a bow tie but the one I got was kind of an amorphous ball. The bath bomb had some serious fizz when I dropped it into the bath, making it super fun to just watch as it disintegrates into bubbles while streaking around the tub.
Now this supposedly had a fried egg design on the inside (see video below), but I totally wasn't aware of this surprise and dropped it directly into the tub without getting to see the cute design inside.

A shower jelly shaped like a cute rabbit, Bouncy Bunny lathers up in the shower, providing some rich bubbles and a refreshing citrus-y scent. Although I prefer liquid shower gels from Lush over these shower jellies, the design is too cute to not love. Check out a slow-motion video I made of me poking the bunny's squishy belly, haha.

Lush Easter 2016 Collection is available online and in stores now.
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