Friday, July 22, 2016

Kusshi Makeup Bag & Brush Organizer: Review

Disclaimer: The products featured were provided for review.
Recently, I was contacted by a new makeup bag company called Kusshi to try out their innovative and travel-friendly brush and makeup bags. Currently available on Kickstarter, the brand offers a unique three-piece system that makes it easy to store and retrieve brushes and makeup on-the-go. To read more, click......
Kusshi Brush Organizer with Red Fabric Cover
Kusshi Brush Organizer ($35):
This is a nicely sized brush organizer with a variety of different slots that can be used to store more than just brushes. The organizer has a large flap that protects the brush bristles from becoming bent. The entire piece has several metal snaps; it can be used on its own or snapped onto the Brush Organizer Cover or the Kusshi Makeup Bag.

Kusshi Brush Organizer Cover ($59 with Brush Organizer):
This is a pretty simple flap of double-layered fabric with a small pocket and metal snaps that attach to the Kusshi Brush Organizer. Although sturdy, the design is very flexible. So even if you have a ton of brushes within the organizer, the cover will accommodate and snap shut securely.
Kusshi Brush Organizer with Red Fabric Cover
In the picture below, you can see how the Brush Organizer is attached to the Brush Organizer Cover via metal snaps.
Kusshi Brush Organizer with Red Fabric Cover
Kusshi Red Fabric Makeup Bed
Kusshi Makeup Bag ($69 with Brush Organizer):
This is a large and roomy makeup bag with several small pockets inside. The zipper opens quite wide so you can easily sort through the contents inside. The inner flap has two metal snaps designed to hold the Kusshi Brush Organizer, as seen below. Even when the brush organizer is attached, there is still a ton of room for other things.
Kusshi Brush Organizer in Red Fabric Makeup Bag
Even though I don't travel a whole lot, I really appreciate the concept of the Kusshi system. I love the use of the metal snaps to easily switch the Brush Organizer from the organizer cover to the bag. Everything is very well made as well; the design is simple but it's highly functional.
My only concern right now is the price. I know the product is currently available only on Kickstarter and perhaps the cost will drop once the items are officially available on the Kusshi website. But as much as I love these bags, ~$100 is a lot to pay for all three pieces. Of course, you can opt to only buy one or two pieces out of the three. However, I think the main selling point of these is how the three pieces work together, allowing you to interchange the cover with the bag, depending on your travel needs.

Kusshi is currently available on Kickstarter.
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