Thursday, September 29, 2016

Esqido | "Little Black Lash" False Eyelashes & Companion Eyelash Glue: Review

Disclaimer: The products featured were provided for review.
Last month I had the pleasure of visiting my local Holt Renfrew to check out some Esqido False Eyelashes. I browsed their line of luxury genuine mink lashes and tested out the brand's best-selling Esqido eyelash glue. So today I want to share with you my thoughts on the "Little Black Lash" false lashes and the latex-free lash glue. To read on, click.......
Esqido "Little Black Lash" False Eyelashes
Esqido "Little Black Lash" False Eyelashes ($36 CAD):
Housed in a gorgeous reusable storage box, the "Little Black Lash" features a very natural and lightweight design. The lashes you see below are actually pre-trimmed to fit my eyes so the original "Little Black Lash" is a tad bit longer. The lash band is made with cotton so it's very flexible and comfortable and the lashes are made with genuine mink fur. These lashes definitely look good and this particular style feels very natural and weightless on the lids.
Esqido "Little Black Lash" False Eyelashes
Because I have smallish Asian eyes with mono-lids, false eyelashes always look unnatural and over-the-top on me but with the "Little Black Lash", I get a very pretty boost to my natural lashes, without looking too gaudy or costumey. While wearing these, I got quite a few compliments on them from friends saying how flattering yet natural they look.
Esqido "Little Black Lash" False Eyelashes
With that said, I was not impressed with the longevity of these lashes. As you will read below, I found it very difficult to remove the lash glue from the cotton band and during the removal process there were a lot of shedding, even though I was very careful (ex. no excessive force, no water, and no oil-based makeup remover). Little pieces of hair just started falling out here and there, to the point that it was noticeably showing up as bald patches. This is all after one use as well so I do wonder how many times I can actually use these. Overall these are probably the most natural and comfortable lashes I've tried but given the higher price range, I really expected them to retain their fullness for at least a few wears.
Esqido Companion Eyelash Glue
Esqido Companion Eyelash Glue ($12 CAD):
A latex-free lash glue that dries quickly, the Esqido Companion Eyelash Glue comes in a convenient lipgloss tube with a small brush applicator. The brush makes it easy to get just the right amount of glue on the lash band without making a mess. The product applies white but dries clear. In terms of longevity, the glue fared okay. I tried it on a hot and sweaty day with the "Little Black Lash" and the inner corner of one of the lashes completely detached after around four hours. Maybe I didn't use enough glue but it's really not a huge concern for me as I rarely wear false lashes to full-day functions.
Esqido Companion Eyelash Glue
The issue I do have with the glue is that it is very hard to remove from the lash band. The glue tears clean off of the lash line leaving almost no residues but on the lash band, it's a completely different story. Perhaps because the Esqido lash band is made of cotton, the clue literally refuses to come off. I tried using a cotton swap dipped in oil-free makeup remover after using my tweezers to tug off as much as possible, being as gentle as possible, but still ended up with a ton left over. I have not tried the Esqido lashes with another glue so perhaps it's really not the Companion Eyelash Glue but the cotton eyelash band that's the problem.

Esqido is available online and in stores at Holt Renfrew.
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