Sunday, September 11, 2016

Pika Turu Kaoge Yogore Skin Clear Pack Black Peeling Mask: Review

Disclaimer: The product featured was purchased by me.
During my trip to NYC, I visited a small Asian beauty and skincare store in Chinatown called oo35mm. They had a huge array of hard-to-find Japanese and Korean products and the Pika Turu Kaoge Yogore Clear Black Peeling Mask ($23.99 USD) really caught my eyes. A peel-off mask designed to remove black and white heads, the mask is infused with shea butter, green tea extract, and witch hazel. So how well does this mask work, read on to find out.......
Pika Turu Kaoge Yogore Skin Clear Pack Black Peeling Mask
Packaged in a super simple squeeze tube, this mask has a very, very thick texture. The formulation is almost glue-like. Heck! It's even thicker than glue. As a result, the mask is very difficult to apply. The product gloops onto the skin and is very tacky. It's difficult to spread and ends up very patchy and uneven. The instruction says to apply a thick layer but I found that a thin layer works much better. The mask supposedly dries in 15 to 20 minutes but it actually takes a lot longer, especially if you apply too thick a layer.
Pika Turu Kaoge Yogore Skin Clear Pack Black Peeling Mask
I am an avid user of Biore pore strips, which work great at pulling out lots of black and white heads. So with these, I was expecting a similar result. Unfortunately, the mask simply doesn't dry stiff enough to actually pull out the big stuff. Instead, it takes out a lot of fine hairs, making the removal process really painful! Additionally, the mask leaves behind a lot of residues- little bits and pieces that just won't budge. With that said, my skin does feel baby soft and refreshed after removal. All in all, I didn't love this. The mask didn't really remove the stuff I wanted it to remove. Instead, it yanked out a lot of tiny hairs and the removal process is a huge pain in the butt. I wouldn't say this was a complete waste of money but it's pretty close.
Pika Turu Kaoge Yogore Skin Clear Pack Black Peeling Mask
The Pika Turu Kaoge Yogore Skin Clear Pack is available at the oo35mm store in New York City and various online retailers.
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