Monday, October 31, 2016

Coach The Fragrance Eau de Parfum: Review

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Coach Eau de Parfum Review
In celebration of its 75th anniversary, Coach has released a new fragrance simply called the Coach Eau de Parfum ($115 CAD for 90ml). With sweet notes of raspberry and Turkish rose, the new fragrance aims to embody the authentic and free-spirited essence of the Coach woman. If you are doing some early fragrance shopping for the holidays, read on to find out more about this beautiful scent.......
Coach Eau de Parfum Review
Coach Eau de Parfum
The Bottle:
Housed in a hefty oval clear glass bottle, the fragrance is tinted a light shade of peach. The front of the bottle features a raised engraving of the classic horse-drawn Coach logo and embossed in white is the brand name. The bottle actually does not have a cap. Instead, its turn-to-lock spray nozzle is made to look like the turnlock of the classic Coach bag. It's slightly harder to press down and spray compared to your standard nozzle, but nevertheless, it looks very cool. Lastly, the bottle is adorned with a unique ebony leather trimming attached to the classic Coach hangtag.
Coach Eau de Parfum Review
Coach Eau de Parfum
The Fragrance:
Opening with a very sweet and fruity dose of sparkling raspberries, Coach the fragrance is very fresh and youthful. The raspberry quickly fades to reveal the heart of the perfume, which is a feminine and creamy Turkish rose. The soft musky suede adds a touch of balance that brings a bit of depth to the fragrance but overall this is a simple fruity-floral perfume.

Top Notes: Sparkling Raspberry
Heart Notes: Turkish Rose
Base Notes: Suede Musk

Admittedly, this Coach fragrance is not very unique as it's pretty similar to every other perfume put out by the likes of Marc Jacobs and Vera Wang. With that said, the unique bottle design and the crowd-pleasing scent profile still make the scent a winner. My only critique is the short wear time. After just about an hour, all that's really left is a soft musk of suede.
Coach Eau de Parfum
The Coach Eau de Parfum is available in Canada at Hudson's Bay, Shoppers Drug Mart, Sears, Jean Coutu, and Murale.
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