Saturday, November 12, 2016

Belif | The True Cream Aqua Bomb & Moisturizing Bomb: Review

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Belif The True Cream | Aqua Bomb & Moisturizing Bomb: Review
From the creators behind THE FACE SHOP, Belif is a Korean skincare brand launched back in 2010 that has finally made its way to Canada this fall. Using century-old herbal recipes from Victorian botanist Duncan Napier, the Belif collection is a convergence of modern Korean skincare innovations and ancient Napiers formulation. Recently I tested out the brand's best-selling Aqua Bomb and Moisturizing Bomb. So to read my breakdown of the formulation, click.......

Belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb ($47 CAD):
A lightweight gel-cream formulated with lady's mantle (pore-minimizing extract), malachite (antioxidant), oat husk, and a plethora of other botanical extracts, the Aqua Bomb promises to deeply hydrate the skin while leaving behind a non-greasy finish. I really enjoy the light, almost whipped texture but I am not 100% in love with the methyl trimethicone used in the ingredients.
Belif The True Cream | Aqua Bomb & Moisturizing Bomb: Review
Belif The True Cream | Aqua Bomb (Left) & Moisturizing Bomb (Right)
If you've read a few of my skincare reviews in the past, then you'd know my gripe about the "cones" (silicones). I have oily skin and at the end of the day, any cream with a heavy amount of silicones will make my face feel super icky and gross as the sebum, dirt, and dead skin cells that accumulate throughout the day mix with the silicones and form a really unpleasant slurry. With that said, if you have normal to dry skin (and especially aging skin), silicones can work really well as it is very smoothing and blurring.

Belif The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb ($47 CAD):
While the Aqua Bomb didn't quite jive with my skin, I am totally in love with the Moisturizing Bomb. A richer yet still lightweight cream that promises a 26-hour hydration, the Moisturizing Bomb is seriously impressive. The light and fast-absorbing formulation is made with extracts of mistletoe, soybean, comfrey leaves, and another handful of herbal extracts. I love how the formulation feels so soothing on my face and although it's thick and rich, it is not super oily or greasy (with that said, I would keep this to a night-time use only unless you have very dry skin). I can't attest to the 26 hour promise since I wash my face twice a day but whenever I use this, all my dry patches are completely banished! Although this product is not free of silicones, the amount it contains is drastically less than that of the Aqua Bomb so I don't experience any icky feelings at the end of the day.

Belif is available at THE FACE SHOP, Nature Collection, and Fruits and Passion stores across Canada. Belif can also be found on Sephora online is US.
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