Thursday, January 5, 2017

Holiday 2016 Staycation | Brunch at La Pentola

Disclaimer: This was a complimentary media tasting.
La Pentola Review
Following our lovely mini staycation at the OPUS Hotel, we ended our Vancouver adventure with some Saturday brunch at La Pentola, which is an Italian restaurant located right next to the hotel at the corner of Hamilton and Davie Street. Offering up a wide array of classic Italian cuisine with a modern twist, La Pentola features a brunch menu every weekend. To check out what we ate, click......
La Pentola Interior
La Pentola | Interior
Located right in the heart of Yaletown, La Pentola has a very bright and rustic interior with some interesting floor tilings and wall hangings (who knew pots and plates made for such cool decorations). Most brunch places have a heavy emphasis on savory dishes so it was quite refreshing to see that La Pentola offers up a number of sweet options. We went with two savory items and some "dessert" to finish.
La Pentola Shortrib Benedict
La Pentola | Shortrib Benedict
Layered on top of a bed of roasted vegetables (peas, carrots, butternut squash), the Shortrib Benedict ($16) comes with two soft-poached eggs, chunks of potato rosti (hash browns), and a good portion of well-seasoned short ribs. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the potato rosti, which was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, I did wish that the dish had some other form of carbohydrate. Some classic English muffin would have been nice in my opinion. The beef was mostly soft and tender but I found some chunks slightly dry. Overall this is very good dish; it's beautifully plated and you get a variety of classic breakfast favorites.
La Pentola Breakfast Risotto
La Pentola | Breakfast Risotto | Photo Cred: Nosh and Nibble
Next up we have the Breakfast Risotto ($18). This was a well-seasoned dish with a very creamy and thick consistency. The rice is well-cooked, not too mushy and not too tough. The soft-poached egg is also perfectly done, adding some extra richness to the dish. I did have some issue with the bacon piece topping the dish; it was tough, leathery, and almost impossible to chew. The risotto also had a bit of skin formed on the top layer. So I'm guessing that the dish might have been sitting out for a bit under a heat lamp before being served, which may account for the leathery bacon texture.
La Pentola Kaiserschmarrn
La Pentola | Kaiserschmarrn
Last but certainly not least is the Kaiserschmarrn ($16), a Northern Italian pancake with an unbelievably soft and fluffy texture.  Dotted with sparse bits of fruits and nuts, the large pancake chunks are served with a generous dusting of icing sugar and a side of fresh cream and fruit preserve. The pancake itself is sweet enough so the cream made for a better pairing. However, even without any toppings the pancake is already perfect. This dish is served warm so if you do plan on enjoying this as a brunch dessert, make sure to order it after you finish your mains. All in all, this is definitely my favorite dish out of the three. I honestly don't know where else you can get pancakes like this in Vancouver.
La Pentola Exterior
La Pentola | Exterior
As an unabashed brunch addict, I will definitely be returning to La Pentola. I love the beautiful interior and the great service. The pricing here is quite reasonable as well for a restaurant in such a posh neighborhood. If you ever plan on visiting, definitely order the Kaiserschmarrn pancakes!

About La Pentola:
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