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Belif Hungarian Water Essence: Review

Disclaimer: The product featured was provided for review.
Belif Hungarian Water Essence: Review
Because I've only really delved into the world of skincare a couple of years ago, essences and serums are still not an essential part of my routine. However, when I read the impressive ingredients list for the Belif Hungarian Water Essence ($51 CAD), I knew I had to give it a try. Formulated with a plethora of herbal extracts, this lightweight essence promises to provide a powerful and long-lasting hydration. To read all about it, click.......
Belif Hungarian Water Essence: Review
Belif Hungarian Water Essence
The Hungarian Water Essence from Belif is formulated with a special blend of ten herbal extracts from rosemary to gotu kola. Because it's free of mineral oil, alcohol, petrolatum, synthetic preservatives, dyes, or fragrances, the product is suitable even for those with sensitive skin. Housed in a simple 75ml plastic bottle equipped with a convenient pump dispenser, the essence has a runny and lightweight texture that's just a tad thicker than water.
To use, simply spread a couple of pumps across cleansed and toned skin. The essence absorbs quickly but it does leave behind a slightly tacky and shiny (but not greasy) finish so you definitely need to follow it up with another face cream (as you should when using an essence). With that said, the essence itself is moisturizing enough for a no-makeup, stay-at-home kind of day if you have oily or combination skin. Overall, this was a great product. I don't think it's a must have for everyone but if you are looking for a bit of extra hydration boost that's also full of antioxidants, this is definitely a quality pick from Belif!
Belif Hungarian Water Essence: Review
Belif is available at THE FACE SHOP, Nature Collection, and Fruits and Passion stores across Canada. Belif can also be found on Sephora online is the US.
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