Friday, February 3, 2017

DAVIDsTEA Spring 2017 | The Feel Good Collection

Disclaimer: The products featured were provided for review.
DAVIDsTEA Spring 2017 The Feel Good Collection
As I'm sure you already know, I get super excited about new makeup collections. However, since being introduced to DAVIDsTEA a couple years ago, I've been looking forward to every one of their new collections with the same kind of giddy anticipation I have for makeup and the Spring 2017 The Feel Good Collection does not disappoint! Bursting with rich hues and exotic prints, the collection introduces five limited edition teas that aim to detox, renewal, and boost metabolism. Today I have a few items to share with you. To read on, click......

The Feel Good Collection ($28 CAD):
Housed in a vibrant gift box, this sampler collection comes with 25g of all five Spring 2017 flavors. Also included is a 20-pack paper tea filter. I haven't tried all five teas yet but my favorite so far is the lightly sweet and invigorating Turmeric Glow, which is made with carrot, ginger, and turmeric. Buchu Superfruit is also a great one if you like a fruitier profile because it's packed with currants, goji berries, strawberries, blueberries, and natural acai flavoring.
DAVIDsTEA Spring 2017 The Feel Good Collection
The Feel Good Collection
The Tea Explorer ($20 CAD):
Housed in the most charming gift box, this six-pack tea sampler contains three of the new Spring 2017 teas. You get a little tin of Juicy Orange (8g), Moroccan Mint (10g), Zestfully Green (11g), Turmeric Glow (13g), Chai & Mighty (15g), and Guava Cadabra (14g). Each tin has about two servings, depending on how strong you like your tea.
DAVIDsTEA Spring 2017 The Feel Good Collection
The Tea Explorer
Deep Indigo Moroccan Mosaic Perfect Mug ($23 CAD):
Um... Can this mug get any more gorgeous?!? DAVIDsTEA has made some beautiful mugs in the past but this may just be my favorite. Printed with a Moroccan-style mosaic design consisting of vibrant splashes of gold, teal, and yellow, this mug comes equipped with a stainless steel tea infuser and a nifty lid that doubles as a saucer.
DAVIDsTEA Spring 2017 The Feel Good Collection
Deep Indigo Moroccan Mosaic Mug
Moroccan Bird Infuser ($ 12 CAD):
I've been pretty faithful to my DAVIDsTEA stainless steel tea infuser but it's very nice to see that the brand offers a wide variety of infusers. The Moroccan Bird Infuser has a silicone handle that fits snugly into a small stainless steel cage where you would place your loose tea. The handle is not very long but the infuser will stay afloat so you won't have to worry about fishing the little bird out of your tea. The design is very cute although I reckon the cleaning process would be a bit more tedious given how small the apparatus is.
DAVIDsTEA Spring 2017 The Feel Good Collection
Moroccan Bird Infuser & Tea Filters Pack of 100
David's Tea Filters Pack of 100 ($12 CAD)
Lastly we have the 100-pack tea filter from DAVIDsTEA. Made with sturdy biodegradable paper, these tea filters even come with a drawstring that keeps your loose tea sealed right up. I feel a bit wasteful using these for myself but they are great for guests or on-the-go.

DAVIDsTEA is available in stores and online at DAVIDsTEA.
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