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Marc Jacobs Honey Eau de Parfum: Review

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Marc Jacobs Honey Eau de Parfum: Review
When Marc Jacobs released the Honey Eau de Parfum ($96 CAD for 50ml) in 2013, I was completely on board because I love the smell of honey. However, after testing it out and realizing that it smelled nothing like honey (well at first, at least), I kind of set it aside until a couple weeks ago I decided to give it another go. Well, although Honey still doesn't smell all that like honey, it's definitely becoming a fast favorite of mine. So today I want to share with you my thoughts on this adorable Marc Jacobs scent. To read on, click.......
Marc Jacobs Honey Eau de Parfum: Review
The Bottle:
Housed in a round and bauble-like glass bottle, Honey from Marc Jacobs is adorned with little bumblebee-butterfly hybrids made of black and yellow transparent wings and faux-pearl bodies. Both the cap and the bottle is printed with a cute white polka-dot pattern and the Marc Jacobs logo is etched on a golden plaque pressed into the front of the bottle. As far as adorable perfume bottles go, Honey truly takes the cake.

The Scent:
With a simple name like Honey, I was expecting to be hit with a strong whiff of honey sweetness right from the get-go. However, this fragrance actually opens with a fruity and refreshing splash of citrus. After the top notes settle, the light and feminine florals take their place but it's the juicy peach that really stands out for me. I have a soft spot for anything peachy so its the prominent peach of Honey that won over my heart.

Top Notes: Mandarin orange, pear, apricot.
Middle Notes: Honeysuckle, peach nectar, orange blossom.
Base Notes: Vanilla, honey, woodsy notes.

After 15 minutes or so, the honey finally makes an appearence but it's a subtle one. It gives a hint of sweetness that's definitely honey-like but not over-the-top or sugary because it's nicely balanced out by the warm woodsy accords. If you were hoping for a fragrance that smells like honey, then you might be a bit dissapointed because this scent is more fruity-floral than honey sweet. With that said, I enjoy Honey quite a bit. It's fresh and fruity enough to wear in the summer yet it's got a bit of nuianced warmth that sets it apart from all the other Marc Jacob fragrances that teeters among the same set of fruity citrus notes.
Marc Jacobs Honey Eau de Parfum: Review
Marc Jacobs is available online and in stores at Sephora.
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