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Avon Oval Makeup Brushes: Review

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Avon Oval Makeup Brushes: Review
Even if you only occasionally follow beauty trends, you'd know that oval makeup brushes are all the rage! From brands like MAC to Artis, oval brushes are popping up everywhere and today I want to share with you my review of the Avon Oval Makeup Brushes ($50 CAD/Set). To read all about these, click......
Avon Oval Makeup Brushes: Review
I've never really jumped on the oval brush bandwagon, mostly because I rarely use makeup brushes to apply foundation. Recently, I've been using cushion foundation applicators a lot, even with my regular liquid foundations so it was interesting to give these Avon brushes a try.
The set comes with three different brushes, a large one for the face (foundation, blush, bronzer), a small circular one for the lips, and a liner brush for liners and concealers.
Unlike traditional makeup brushes with bristles sticking out at the end of the handle, the Avon Oval Makeup Brushes have bristles sticking out of the side, much like a toothbrush. The synthetic bristles are very densely packed, soft, and free of shedding. Interestingly, the neck of the handle is very thin and flexible, making me a bit afraid of applying too much pressure in fear of snapping the handle.
Avon Oval Makeup Brushes: Review
The large brush does a really nice job at quickly spreading and blending liquid foundations although it does leave some very subtle streak marks. I haven't tried it with powder but I find that the brush is not good at making dabbing motions simply because of the way the handle is designed. So when it comes to powder products, I would still recommend using a regular makeup brush.
Similarly, the small circular brush is not ergonomically designed for packing on eyeshadows, but it is great at blending out creases. I found the liner brush to be too thick for lining the eyes and lips, so this one was not a necessity for me. I wish the set included a medium sized brush for concealers as the small brush is just too dainty while the liner brush is too skinny. 
Overall, my favorite is the large oval brush because it's great at spreading and blending liquid foundations. The small circular brush is good at blending out eyeshadows but the liner brush is just too thick and chunky for any precise application. Therefore, I would love to see Avon offer a few more sizes and sell all the brushes available individually.

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