Thursday, November 16, 2017

Christian Louboutin Sheer Voile Lipstick in "Petal Rose": Review and Swatches

Disclaimer: The products featured were provided for review.
In addition to the gorgeous Louboutin Metalissime Holiday 2017 Collection (swatched and reviewed here), I've been testing out a few Christian Louboutin lipsticks recently. So today I want to share with you a detailed review of the Sheer Voile Lipstick ($120 CAD) in "Petal Rose". What makes this lipstick so extravagant and covetable? Read on to find out......
Christian Louboutin | Sheer Voile Lipstick in "Petal Rose"
Completely coated with a shiny gold finish, the Christian Louboutin Sheer Voile Lipstick is housed in a solid metal body inspired by a mixture of Middle Eastern and Art Deco influences. The exquisitely crafted cap is reminiscent of a fancy castle turret tower and its inside is painted red to pay homage to the iconic red-lacquered Louboutin soles. The top of the cap is threaded with a beautiful silken ribbon so if you wish, the lipstick can be worn as a necklace. Needless to say, this is probably one of the most beautiful makeup items I've ever laid my hands on. It honestly feels more like a piece of expensive jewelry as opposed to something you would tote around in your makeup bag.
Christian Louboutin | Sheer Voile Lipstick in "Petal Rose"
The Louboutin Beauty range offers three lipstick finishes: Velvet Mattes, Silky Satins, and Sheer Voiles. I have here a Sheer Voile formulation in the shade "225S Petal Rose". Made with a moisturizing complex of natural oils and seed butters, the Sheer Voile lipstick provides "a creamy smooth and nourishing sensation on the lips".  "Petal Rose" is a gorgeous neutral rose with a semi-sheer coverage. The color applies evenly and gives the lips a plump, translucent finish. For anyone with dry or wrinkled lips, this formulation is just perfect! Unfortunately, the lipstick doesn't last very long. Even with minimal eating or drinking, the color fades within an hour or two. The lips are well-nourished while coated with the lipstick but once it wears off, the hydration goes with it.
Christian Louboutin | Sheer Voile Lipstick in "Petal Rose"
Christian Louboutin | Sheer Voile Lipstick in "Petal Rose"
Overall, this is a beautiful rose lipstick housed in an awe-inspiring packaging. Unfortunately, the wear time is lacking so be prepared to reapply and touch up throughout the day. Is it worth shelling out $120 for? Probably not if all you want is a sheer rose lipstick. However, the packaging is truly one-of-a-kind and the price definitely goes more towards the prestige and luxury factor as opposed to the formulation.
Do you own any lipsticks from Christian Louboutin? What's the most expensive lipstick you own? Share with me in the comments below!

Christian Louboutin Beauty is available in Canada online at Christian Louboutin, in stores and online at Holt Renfrew and Nordstrom.
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