Thursday, January 11, 2018

*NEW* Lush Bath Oils: Review

Disclaimer: The products featured were provided for review.
*NEW* Lush Bath Oils: Review
In celebration of the new year, Lush has released a brand new product range called the Luxury Bath Oils ($5.95 to $7.95 CAD for 20g). Made with organic and fair trade shea butter and cocoa butter, these cute little nuggets are designed to soften and nourish the skin while you relax in the bath. Curious? Read my review to learn more......
*NEW* Lush Bath Oils: Review
Lush | Luxury Bath Oils
Available in 17 different scents, the Lush Bath Oils are solid balls of rich butter fragranced with beautiful essential oils and tinted with oil-soluble colors. To use, simply drop into hot bath water to let the nourishing ingredients moisturize the skin. The oils are all fragranced but their scents aren't too strong. If you really want a scent-filled bath, consider pairing these with another Lush bath product to get the full-on pampering experience. Nevertheless, the rich butters in the formulation make the skin super soft and supple without leaving behind any noticeable residue.
It's worth noting that the size of these Bath Oils is very small as each weighs in at only 20g. The formulation is concentrated but as compared to the 180g Lush bath bombs and the 100g or 200g Lush bubble bars, the Bath Oils are quite pricey.
*NEW* Lush Bath Oils: Review
Lush | Luxury Bath Oils
1. Oil on Troubled Water ($7.95 CAD): This is an amorphous blob of purple and blue butter scented with peppermint and oakwood. The scent is pretty subtle, it's herbal-y and woody as expected.
2. Double Vitality ($5.95 CAD): A bright neon pink star, Double Vitality is scented with invigorating Sicilian lemon and peppermint.
3. Flower's Barrow ($7.95 CAD): This is a little green bulb coated with a layer of dried delphinium petals. It is made with rose absolute, geranium oil, blackcurrant absolute, and Roman chamomile oil. The chamomile is the most notable note, giving this a super sweet and relaxing aroma.
4. Dreamtime ($6.95 CAD): Molded with a little letter "Z" which I mistook for an "N" (oops), Dreamtime is scented with lavender and sandalwood. The scent is super relaxing, perfect for a pre-slumber bath.
5. Polyamorous ($5.95 CAD): Shaped like a multilayered heart, Polyamorous has a pretty subtle fragrance. It is made with notes of violet, sandalwood, and Brazilian orange.

Overall, I love the concept of these Lush Bath Oils. A little nourishing butter definitely elevates the bathing experience. However, the pricing on these is quite high and their scents aren't as strong as I would have liked. I can't imagine using just one bath oil without a bath bomb or a bubble bar. Therefore, one bath can cost up to $16, and that's quite a lot to pay. So what are your thoughts on these new Bath Oils? Share with me in the comments below!

Lush is available online and in stores at Lush boutiques.
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