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Dior | J'adore in Joy Eau de Toilette: Review

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Dior | J'adore in Joy Eau de Toilette: Review
Described as a "new call for life", J'adore in Joy ($90 CAD for 30ml) is the newest member of the Dior fragrance family. Boasting notes of ylang-ylang, peach, and sea salt, J'adore in Joy promises to wow with its floral-fruity-salty accord. To read all about this spring and summer scent, click......
Dior | J'adore in Joy Eau de Toilette: Review
Dior | J'adore in Joy Eau de Toilette
The Bottle:
Housed in a sensuous glass bottle inspired by the Greek amphora, J'adore in Joy looks almost identical to the original J'adore with the exception of the peach tinted perfume liquid. The elongated bauble cap is encircled with a unique coil design reminiscent of stacked neck rings worn by the Kayan women of Myanmar. The overall design is feminine, elegant, and indisputably timeless.

The Fragrance:
Opening with a mouth-watering splash of peachy sweetness, J'adore in Joy quickly reveals its unique beachy floral center thanks to the fleur de sel and ylang-ylang. The scent is summery and light, perfectly embodying a relaxing day on the beach without relying on your typical tropical notes (ex. coconut, mango). Instead, the fleur de sel is the unsung hero as it provides a clean, soapy edge that nicely balances the sweet florals and peach. In terms of wear, the fragrance is on the weaker side. The sillage is mild and the smell fades rather quickly. Nevertheless, this is beautiful spring and summer scent. If you are in the market for a sophisticated beachy floral, this is a must-have!

Top Notes: Fleur de sel sea salt.
Middle Notes: Madagascar ylang-ylang, jasmine sambac.
Base Notes: Peach.
Dior | J'adore in Joy Eau de Toilette: Review
Dior | J'adore in Joy Eau de Toilette
Have you tried J'Adore in Joy or the original J'Adore? What's your favorite spring and summer fragrance? Share with me in the comments below!

Dior is available at Sephora, The Bay, select Shoppers Drug Mart, Holt Renfrew, and Nordstrom.
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