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Givenchy | Spring & Summer 2018 The Face Atelier Collection: Review and Swatches

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Givenchy | Spring & Summer 2018 The Face Atelier Collection: Review and Swatches
Givenchy is welcoming spring this year with The Face Atelier Collection. Aimed at creating a "tailor-made makeup look", the collection features a graphic matte eye palette and a handful of products designed to boost the skin's natural radiance. I've got reviews and swatches of all the key pieces to share with you today. To read on, click......
Givenchy Spring 2018 Makeup Collection | Khol Couture Waterproof Eyeliner in "07 Light Gold": Review and Swatches
Givenchy | Khol Couture Waterproof Eyeliner (Left) & Couture Atelier Palette (Right)
Givenchy | Khol Couture Waterproof Eyeliner ($31 CAD):
Packaged in a convenient twist-up and retractable pencil liner, Khol Couture in "07 Light Gold" is a beautiful pale champagne shimmer. The eyeliner formulation is super slick and pigmented. It glides effortlessly on the lid and sets to a waterproof finish that's also smudge-proof. This particular shade is perfect for highlighting the inner corner or lining the lower lash line.
Givenchy Spring 2018 Makeup Collection | Khol Couture Waterproof Eyeliner in "07 Light Gold": Review and Swatches
Givenchy | Couture Atelier Palette
Givenchy | Couture Atelier Palette ($82 CAD):
Housed in a sleek rectangular compact, the Couture Atelier Palette is a four-shade matte eyeshadow palette inspired by the fashion house's daring color palette. The four shades are pressed together in a vertical striped design, which looks cool but is actually very impractical. As you can see, the orange stripe is extremely narrow and as a result, it is difficult to pick up a sufficient amount of product without smudging into the neighboring brown and blue. To offset the unique design, Givenchy has included a special flattened sponge applicator made with a semi-rigid core. Although the thickness of the sponge fits right into the orange stripe, it still doesn't make application any easier.
Givenchy Spring 2018 Makeup Collection | Couture Atelier Palette: Review and Swatches
Givenchy | Couture Atelier Palette Makeup Look
Formulation-wise, the palette is also far from impressive. Although not patchy or chalky, all four shades lacked serious pigmentation. The brown and white are somewhat buildable but the orange and blue are rather sheer. Additionally, the color combination is very avant-garde. Unless an editorial look is what you are looking for, it will be almost impossible to pull together an everyday look using all four colors. Givenchy definitely chose form over function with this palette as evidenced by the stunning and highly-collectible packaging. However, from a regular consumer point of view, the palette is not the most practical or well-formulated.

Givenchy | Mat & Blur Touch ($45 CAD):
Designed for priming and touch-ups, the Mat & Blur Touch is packaged in a twist-up, retractable stick form. Although the product looks light pink, it is completely transparent when applied onto the skin. With a silicone-based formulation, the primer instantly mattifies while adding minimal texture or heaviness to the skin. The formulation sets instantly so there's no sliding or creasing, creating a smooth and flawless canvas for foundation application. Additionally, the Mat & Blur Touch can be used throughout the day on top of makeup to keep the skin looking matte and fresh. I'm personally not a fan of silicone-based primers but this one feels rather lightweight and comfortable. So if you regularly use a mattifying, silicone-based primer, then definitely check this out!
Givenchy Spring 2018 Makeup Collection | Mat & Blur Touch and Mister Light Glow: Review and Swatches
Givenchy | Mat & Blur Touch (Left) & Mister Light Glow Highlighter (Right)
Givenchy | Mister Light Glow ($44 CAD):
Packaged in a brush-tipped twist pen, the Mister Light Glow is a multi-use liquid highlighter designed for the eyes, brow bone, cheekbone, and cupid's bow. Similar in texture to the YSL Touche Eclat, Mister Light Glow has a rich creamy formulation that provides a light pink sheen with warm gold shimmers. The effect is subtle, sophisticated, brightening, and not at all sparkly. The product blends nicely over foundation but I do find application over powder quite challenging. If used over a powder blush, the highlighter will smudge the blush and appear patchy. Therefore, this is best used for the rest of the face (ex. inner corners of the eyes, brow bone) or paired with a cream or liquid blush that's more resistant to smudging. With that said, if you are used to working with liquid highlighters, you'll definitely like this one as well.
Givenchy Spring 2018 Makeup Collection | Mister Light Glow Highlighter: Review and Swatches
Givenchy | Mister Light Glow Highlighter
With the exception of the Couture Atelier Palette, which is undoubtly stunningly packaged, this is a very solid spring collection. I love the pretty pale champagne liner and the Mister Light Glow highlighter is just gorgeous! If you get a chance to visit your local Sephora, definitely give these products a try!

Givenchy is available in stores and online at Sephora.
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