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Lush | Easter 2018 Collection: Review

Disclaimer: The products featured were provided for review.
Lush | Easter 2018 Collection: Review
Easter is just around the corner and nothing gets me more excited about this occasion than the Lush Easter 2018 Collection. Chock full of bright and colorful Easter-themed bathtime pals, the range screams fun and spring. I've got a breakdown of some key products to share with you today. To read on, click.......

1. Pink Cream Egg | Bubbleroon ($5.95 CAD for 100g):
Available in two other colors (blue and yellow), the Pink Cream Egg Bubbleroon is a nourishing, spearmint-infused bubble bar. Aside from providing a gorgeous heap of pink bubbles to your bath water, the bubbleroon softens the skin with rich cocoa and shea butter. To use, simply crumble under running hot water and watch as it turns the water pink.

2. Blue Cream Egg | Bubbleroon ($5.95 CAD for 100g):
With the same key ingredients (cocoa butter, shea butter, and spearmint oil) as the Pink Cream Egg, this is simply a blue version of the same bubbleroon that will turn your bath blue.
Lush | Easter 2018 Collection: Review
Lush | Easter 2018 Collection
3. Which Came First? (Spots) | Bath Bomb ($12.95 CAD for 225g):
Also available in a "stripes" version, this is a large pink and yellow bath bomb egg that you can literally crack against your bathtub to release the baby chick inside (see photo below). The bomb has a sweet and citrus scent thanks to its grapefruit oil, Sicilian lemon oil, and vanilla absolute. To use, pop into a filled tub and watch as the bomb fizzes away into a soft swirl of yellow and pink.

4. Orange Free Rangers ($9.95 CAD for 300g):
Neatly split in half (just like a cracked egg) to be used for two separate baths or one epic soak, this is a jumbo bath bomb shaped like a cute chick. Available in two other colors (purple and blue), the Orange Free Ranger is scented with bergamot, blackcurrant, and cypress.  Thanks to the added coconut oil and sunflower oil, the bomb also provides some extra hydration to the skin.
Lush | Easter 2018 Collection | Which Came First Bath Bomb: Review
Lush | Which Came First? (Spots)
5. April Showers | Bath Bomb ($7.95 CAD for 100g):
Probably my favorite item from this year's Easter collection, April Showers is an adorable cloud-shaped bath bomb embedded with little raindrops of nourishing cocoa butter. Thanks to the cedarwood oil, violet absolute, cypress oil, and tonka absolute, this bomb provides the most comforting and mesmerizing scent. Unlike most Lush bath bombs which I find to be too mild in scent, this one actually fills the bath with a sweet woody fragrance that lingers for the full duration of the bath. Additionally, the beautiful pink and purple raindrops give the water a magical swirl of shimmery colors.

6. Here Comes the Sun | Naked Shower Cream ($9.95 CAD for 200g):
Made with St. John's wort (a potent antioxidant), shea butter, and organic avocado oil, Here Comes the Sun is a brightly-colored, packaging-free shower cleansing bar. Infused with mandarin orange oil, tangerine oil, bergamot oil, and fresh orange juice, the solid shower cream has a soft and refreshing citrus scent. The formulation provides a nice lather and the skin is left feeling supple and hydrated.

7. Poisson d'Avril | Bubble Bar ($10.95 CAD for 150g):
Shaped like a curious little coy, this is a colorful bubble bar infused with a warm and spicy mix of black pepper, cinnamon, oakmoss, and neroli. When crumbled under running hot water, the bar gives the bath a bright orange color and a fun blanket of foamy bubbles.
Lush | Easter 2018 Collection: Review
Lush | Easter 2018 Collection
8. Seven Deadly Spins | Bubble Bar ($5.95 CAD for 60g):
Literally molded around a wooden spindle, this is a mini reusable bubble bar inspired by the fidget spinner craze. Scented with bergamot, litsea, and benzoin, this bubble bar can be spun underwater to add a splash of bright yellow and soft bubbles to your bath. The price definitely works out to be more expensive in comparison to the other Lush Bubble Bars but it's still worth a try if you want to embrace your childish instincts.

9. Golden Egg | Bath Bomb Melt ($7.95 CAD for 100g):
A classic Lush Easter favorite, the Golden Egg is a nourishing bath melt made with fair trade cocoa butter and olive oil. Infused with a gorgeous scent of Brazillian orange, bergamot, and gardenia, the egg is dipped in a generous coating of plastic-free gold glitter. It gives the bath a soft orange color and a mesmerizing swirl of shimmers. The clean-up does get a little messy but trust me, it's worth it!

10. Bunch of Carrots | Bubble Bars ($8.98 CAD for 150g):
Another Easter veteran from Lush, the Bunch of Carrots is a trio of reusable bubble bars molded into the shape of some fresh-out-of-the-soil carrots. Infused with the refreshing scent of buchu oil, Sicilian lemon oil, and bergamot oil, the carrots give the bath a nice bed of voluminous bubbles.

Have you spotted the Lush Easter Collection in stores yet? Will you be picking up any of the pieces? Share with me in the comments below!

Lush is available online and in stores at Lush boutiques.
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