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Lancome | L'Absolu Lacquer: Review and Swatches

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Lancome | L'Absolu Lacquer: Review and Swatches
Earlier this year, Lancome released a new lip color range described as "a lip lacquer and long-wear stain that's buildable for high-impact color and shine". Available in 28 shades, L'Absolu Lacquer ($34 CAD for 8 ml) promises a hydrating, non-sticky, six-hour wear. I've got a few shades to share with you today. To read my reviews and see some swatches, click.....
Lancome | L'Absolu Lacquer: Review and Swatches
Lancome | L'Absolu Lacquer
The L'Absolu Lacquer comes in a sleek and luxurious lipgloss tube tinted with a black ombre design. The doe-foot wand is flattened on both sides for a smooth application and the top of the cap is finished with a shiny golden inlay that's embossed with the iconic Lancome rose.

Described as a lipstick-lipgloss hybrid that features an oil-in-water formulation, the L'Absolu Lacquer has a lightweight, creamy texture that feels cooling and "wet" upon application. These are pretty much identical to the Shu Uemura Laque Supreme, except that the Lancome L'Absolu Lacquer is slightly sheerer. As is with Lacquer Supreme, the L'Absolu Lacquer is tricky to apply. I found it challenging to get a clean lip line and I have to really use the wide, flattened side of the doe-foot to carefully spread the product in an even layer without creating a thick strand of color on the outer lip line. Depending on the shade, one coat gives a pretty decent coverage. The first coat sinks right into the lips, leaving a soft sheen and only when you continue to layer will the finish appear shiny. Similar to the Lacque Supreme, the L'Absolu Lacquer will stain the lips but the formulation also forms a palpable residue that's not quite similar to the texture of a lipgloss. It has filmy, almost mask-like feel and although it's not super tacky, it's definitely detectable when the upper and lower lips are pressed together.
Lancome | L'Absolu Lacquer: Review and Swatches
Lancome | L'Absolu Lacquer
In terms of wear, the L'Absolu Lacquer is not transfer-proof but it does stain. I noticed that with eating and drinking, the finish gets stickier and when I try to wipe my mouth after a meal, small "chunk" of the product will come off. As long as the shine is present, the lip color is hydrating, but after eating, the sticky texture feels uncomfortable and drying.

344 Ultra-RĂ´se: This is a bright Barbie pink. The color applies lighter at first but slowly develops into a more intense pink. I messed up on the application as I had some foundation smudges left over on my lips. As you can see, the product doesn't stain where I have foundation, resulting in lighter streaks of color.
Lancome | L'Absolu Lacquer in "344 Ultra-Rose": Review and Swatches
Lancome | L'Absolu Lacquer in "344 Ultra-Re"
323 Shine Manifesto: This is a really pretty and sophisticated rosy-mauve with a scatter of pearly, iridescent shimmers. The pigmentation on this one is more even so the application is less finicky.
Lancome | L'Absolu Lacquer in "323 Shine Manifesto": Review and Swatches
Lancome | L'Absolu Lacquer in "323 Shine Manifesto"
274 Beige Sensation: This is a neutral beige brown. The color actually stains a bit coppery red which I find interesting. The pigmentation is slightly sheerer compared to the rest so I had a hard time getting a nice and clean outline.
Lancome | L'Absolu Lacquer in "274 Beige Sensation": Review and Swatches
Lancome | L'Absolu Lacquer in "274 Beige Sensation"
168 Rose Rouge: A stunning red with a slight hint of pink, this shade is nicely pigmented so the application is slightly easier.
Lancome | L'Absolu Lacquer in "168 Rose Rouge": Review and Swatches
Lancome | L'Absolu Lacquer in "169 Rose Rouge"
134 Be Brilliant: This is a bright true red. Similar to Rose Rouge, the color is very pigmented but I found it quite hard to get a clean outline.
Lancome | L'Absolu Lacquer in "134 Be Brilliant": Review and Swatches
Lancome | L'Absolu Lacquer in "134 Be Brilliant"
Overall this is an interesting product but it's honestly identical to the Shu Uemura Lacque Supreme. Although there are more colors to choose from, the formulation is neither unique nor innovative. My taste in lip products has certainly changed over the past few years and I value comfort over anything else for my everyday makeup. Therefore, this is a product I would only recommend for special occasions when you want to look fabulous and are willing to sacrifice comfort and ease-of-application. Have you tried these? What are your thoughts on gloss-lipstick hybrids? Share with me in the comments below!

Lancome is available online and in stores at Sephora, The Bay, Shoppers, London Drugs, and www.lancome.ca.
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