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EAT! Vancouver 2018 | EAT! Pastry Event Recap

Disclaimer: Complimentary media access was provided to this event.
Earlier this month, I attended the annual EAT! Vancouver EAT! Pastry event. Presented with delicious bites from 15 of Canada's best pastry chefs and chocolatiers, I had the opportunity to thoroughly satisfy my sweet tooth. Like last year, the event was held at the Pinnacle Harbourfront Hotel in Downtown Vancouver. There were some returning chefs but also a handful of new patisseries and bakeries for me to discover. To get a peek into some of the amazing desserts I sampled, click......
 EAT! Vancouver | EAT! Pastry 2018 | Hawksworth Chocolate Raspberry Savarin
Held at a large ballroom inside the hotel, EAT! Pastry was set up as a casual and lively tasting event. Each of the 15 chefs had their own station, offering decadent creations for guests to sample. There was plenty of food to go around so people were more than welcome to have seconds (or thirds)! Additionally, there were also a number of cocktail stations set up. So if you so desire, you can have a little booze alongside your dessert. The following pastry chefs and chocolatiers were in attendance this year:
  • Ancora (Rebecca Chen)
  • Beaucoup Bakery (Betty Hung)
  • BETA5 (Adam Chandler)
  • Fairmont Pacific Rim (Jeffry Kahle)
  • Faubourg (Ricardo Rosas) 
  • Gem Chocolates (Glenn Knowles)
  • Hawksworth (Wayne Kozinko)
  • Karat Chocolate (Julian Helman)
  • La Glace (Mark Tagulao)
  • Mon Paris (Elena Krasnova)
  • Patrice Patissier (Patrice Demers)
  • PICA (Mark Burton)
  • Sweet Lollapalooza (Brett Roy)
  • Temper Chocolate Patry (Steve Hodge)
  • Valrhona (Nicolas Botomisy)
 EAT! Vancouver | EAT! Pastry 2018 | Gem Chocolates Passion Fruit + Peach Ganache Bon Bons
EAT! Vancouver | EAT! Pastry 2018 | Hawksworth Brown Butter & Apple Financier
There were so many wonderful treats it's almost impossible to talk about them all. Therefore, here are some of my favorites that I want to highlight. First up are the brown butter apple financiers from Hawksworth. No bigger than half a golf ball, these little cakes not only look adorable, but they were also unbelievable moist and yummy. I may or may not have gone back for seconds... or thirds... Next up is my all-time favorite bakery in Vancouver. Beaucoup returned this year and brought with them mini-sized versions of their almond croissants. These guys make the best croissants in Vancouver and the double baked almond croissants are their signature.
 EAT! Vancouver | EAT! Pastry 2018 | Beaucoup Mini Almond Croissants
 EAT! Vancouver | EAT! Pastry 2018 | Karat Chocolate Ganache & Caramel Filled Bon Bons
 EAT! Vancouver | EAT! Pastry 2018 | Mon Paris Opera Cake
 EAT! Vancouver | EAT! Pastry 2018 | PICA Smoke Milk Chocolate Budino
 EAT! Vancouver | EAT! Pastry 2018 | Pinnacle Harbourfront Hotel Vegan Pumpkin Cashew Cheesecake
Vegan desserts can be very hit or miss but the vegan pumpkin cashew cheesecake bites from Pinnacle Harbourfront Hotel were simply divine. With a hearty and potent pumpkin flavor, the creamy cheesecake is nicely balanced with the crunch of the coconut-covered macadamia nut. Next up, Fairmont Pacific Rim had perhaps the most uniquely-presented dessert of the night. Shaped just like an ice cream bar, these white chocolate covered bars are actually mini raspberry cakes with just the right balance of sweetness and tang.
 EAT! Vancouver | EAT! Pastry 2018 | Fairmont Pacific Rim Mini Raspberry Cake Bar
 EAT! Vancouver | EAT! Pastry 2018 | Faubourg Paris Lavender Mousse Cake
 EAT! Vancouver | EAT! Pastry 2018 | BETA5 Apple Pie Cream Puffs
BETA5 can do no wrong and this year they brought with them an apple pie version of their mini cream puffs. With the perfect harmony of fresh apple compote and rich cinnamon cream, these cream puffs were definitely one of the best desserts of the night (for me and for the other three guests I attended the event with). If BETA5 doesn't add this cream puff onto their permanent menu anytime soon, I might just have to start a petition.
Last but certainly not least are these mini black sesame financiers topped with dark chocolate and coffee ganache created by Patrice Demers of Montreal-based Patrice Patissier. With a rich sesame flavor, this mini cake completely satisfied the black sesame lover in me. Also, quick shout-out to Patrice, whose genuine smile and clear passion for his work made all the guests felt so very welcomed. I know for sure that I'll be checking out his patisserie when I visit Montreal.
 EAT! Vancouver | EAT! Pastry 2018 | Patrice Patissier Black Sesame Seed Financier
Did you partake in any EAT! Vancouver events this year? Which of these amazing desserts would you want to try? Share with me in the comments below!

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