Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Urban Decay's Theodora- Oz the Great and Powerful

The other day Sephora Canada showed on their site they would be selling the new Oz the Great and Powerful Urban Decay palettes. As soon as it said in stock at the store nearby I ran to get my very own Theodora palette. They had to grab it out of the back for me because they haven’t even put it out yet. Made me feel super special and important :)
                The set comes with six eyeshadows, with two of them split into two colors, black eyeliner and a red lip color.  The pigmentation for the lighter shades like Broken and the lighter green half of Jealous could be better.  However, overall the palette is beautiful. The Theodora inspired look that Urban Decay gives is simple and a really pretty look. Unfortunately I still did not look like Mila Kunis in the end. I was slightly disappointed that they didn’t incorporate Spell or Jealous into the look since they are the more unique shades in the set.
                The pigmentation overall was great and it lasted a long time (no primer), a lot more than some other shadows I’ve tried. After 3 hours of looking into a microscope it was still the same as when I put it on, that is my definition of quality. Plus the red Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color was to die for.  I just want to put it on every day. :)

Front cover of the Theodora palette

Inside view of the shadows

Swatches of each of the shadows (over bare skin, no primer)

Light coat of the Theodora lip color

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