Friday, February 15, 2013

Benefit Benetint, Posietint, and Moon Beam: Review and Swatches

I purchased these liquid cheek products from Benefit back when I was absolutely obsessed with the brand. Benetint was the first, it is a liquid cheek stain that you dab on with your finger or the brush to achieve a natural flushed look. I used to use this a lot on both my lips and the face, but I find that it does not work very well over foundation; it doesn't blend and absorb as nicely as it would on bare skin. If you have a nice and clear complexion, then a dab of this would be perfect, but I think with full makeup, this product is somewhat futile.
To see some swatches, click......

Posietint is a pinker version of Benetint, it works the same way, but the texture is more viscous. I originally loved using this on my lips, but I find that the product sort of forms a yucky feel on the lip after a while. It is hard to describe, but I do not reach for this product anymore.
Moon Beam I absolutely adore, it is a liquid highlighter that gives an warm opalescent glow. This product doesn't look like much in dim or artificial light, but it is absolutely gorgeous under the sun. I guess the name is quite ironic. The texture of this one is similar to Posietint, but I feel like this one settles better and doesn't leave a icky feel on the face.
Here are the blended swatches photographed under sunlight:
Benetint (Left), Moon Beam (Middle), and Posietint (Right)
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