Monday, February 11, 2013

Mini MAC Archie's Girls Haul: Review and Swatches

Special Archie Packaging
MAC released the new Archie's Girls Collection in stores last week, with the classic comic book love triangle being the inspiration of the line, where you can choose to be the girl next door Betty, or the rich and posh Veronica. I like the idea because it gives two different sides to the collection and allows you to mix and match the two characters. To celebrate the release, MAC had a launch party which I unfortunately couldn't attend, and a weekend full of bookable half an hour makeup appointments featuring the new line. 
I went an let them make my face pretty with all their fancy products. One thing they used on me, but I didn't end up getting was the Ice cream Sundae eyeshadow palette. The colors were very nice and worked really well, however it cost over $50 for four shadows. It is all the dumb price hike for living in Canada.
What I did get were two Archie products, the Flatter Me pearlmate and an eyeliner pencil in Petrol Blue.
Pearlmate case and eye pencil
Flatter me is a peachy tone with pale pink hearts in it and is a good shimmery color to add to skin. It contains just the right amount of pink in there but the peach doesn't give off much pigment. The eye pencil is blue with glitter and is a really soft pencil. It is best to use a brush for application to prevent it from breaking. It is a great pop of color to a more natural nude eye or to mix with other colors. It is nice on the lower lash line, just can be a bit difficult to take off. 
I was supper excited for the line and it did not disappoint.  Now if only M.A.C wasn't so expensive in Canada, being our brand and all.

Flatter me on left and Petrol blue on right

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