Wednesday, February 6, 2013

DIY: Storing Depotted Eyeshadows in a Tampon Tin?!?

     So I've had the Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. IV for almost a year now, and its bulky packaging irks me every time I open my makeup drawer. Not only does it take up the space of a full-sized dictionary, it's also impossible to retrieve the shadows in the snugly fit cardboard drawer inside the "book".
     So I decided it was time that I did something about it. So in a fit of rage, I took a dull knife, wedged it between the shadow and the cardboard, and pried out every single one of the shades. Then, I was left with 16 depotted shadows sitting on top of my desk, with nowhere to go. I scrambled through every drawer in the house and could not find a container or an old palette I can store the shadows in!
     Then a flash of genius led me to these unused empty Kotex Tampon Tins (they were probably around $2 CAD). They are sleek and compact, a perfect new home for my shadows.
     I used double-sided tape to stick the shadows into the tin, and left a little room around the edges so the compact can easily shut.
     I gotta say, I am quite proud of this little project because not only can I easily access my shadows, I also have an huge empty slot in my drawer that is calling out for more makeup! ; )
 I also depotted a few Stila and Smashbox shadows as well.
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