Monday, February 4, 2013

TheBalm Down Boy, Frat Boy, and Cabana Boy Blushes: Review and Swatches

I have experimented quite a bit from various brands when it comes to blushes but I have settled down to just TheBalm blushes because they have a decent color range and the packaging is just so cute.
Down Boy is a matte baby pink. This is hands down my favourite blush of all time, no joke! It is incredibly soft, a bit too soft and powdery perhaps, but the color and the way it applies is simply beautiful. It sort of melts into the skin and gives the cutest flush of natural pink, perfect for any look, any day.
Down Boy Blush
Frat Boy is a soft peach blush with a hint of shimmer, but it mostly shows up matte. I like this one, it's a nice and simple peach. I wish the texture of this is more similar to Down Boy, softer and more blendable, but with that said, it is a decent blush that I often reach for.
Frat Boy Blush
Cabana Boy is a shimmery mauve-ish pink, the texture of this one again isn't as powdery soft as Down Boy and it is easy to over-apply, but I like to use it once in a while when I want to switch things up and go for a more sultry look.
Cabana Boy Blush
Down Boy (Left), Frat Boy (Middle), and Cabana Boy (Right)
Don't these look lovely swatched all together? I think I may try wearing all three at the same time one day! ;)

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