Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Benefit Hervana Blush: Review and Swatches

Hervana is one of many Benefit's boxed blushes and it retails for $36 CAD at Sephora stores. This is probably one of my favorite blushes from Benefit. The name Hervana is supposed to be a hybrid of "her" and "nirvana", which I think is awesomely clever. For the full review and swatches, click......
The blush is separated into eight sections and four different colors, the idea is to swirl the angled brush that comes with the blush over all the colors and mix them together. The color I get by doing that is a lovely lavender pinky peach that looks amazing on my NW20 skin. 
I first had a chance to try Hervana at a Benefit Chinese new year event at my local Sephora. The makeup artist put on a layer of Posietint underneath it, which was completely unnecessary because Hervana alone is enough to give the healthiest glow to the cheeks, even my boyfriend noticed it, which is surprising if you knew him.
But I digress.
There are definitely a few things I don't like about the product. 
First, the brush it comes with has a small handle that makes it quite a bit difficult to hold on to when applying the product. I understand that it needs to fit in the box but still, just make it a bit more ergonomic. The brush is angled so that it can get all the colors equally when you swirl it, but the shape makes application a bit difficult. I simply use my own regular blush brush instead.
Another problem I have is the box itself. It is not easy to close! It doesn't snap shut like regular containers. This is more like a pizza box, you have to make sure to line it up to an extent otherwise it will refuse to close. This bugs me (an OCD thing I guess).
Lastly the formula is a bit powdery, but it isn't a big issue as long as you tap off the excess.
I was lucky enough to pick this up in the states for $28 USD, for some reason the price of Benefit products is outrageously high here in Canada, even compared to other American brands. 
Benefit please lower your Canadian prices please so I can get a lot more of your stuff! :p
What is your take on Hervana? What's your favourite Benefit boxed blush?
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