Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Colored Skull Jewellery

I remember that it was quite a while ago, early 2012 most likely, when I spotted multi-coloreds skull necklaces, bracelets, and earrings at Blue Ruby. I was instantly enamoured with them because they are edgy and cute at the same time. But like all things at Blue Ruby, they were way out of my price range. So I was quite pleased with myself when I found these dupes at Claire's during its 10 items for $10 sale. If you are interested in what I found, click......

I found this elastic bracelet made of turquoise, ivory, yellow, and hot pink skull beads ($1 CAD). I think this is very appropriate for the summer, the color combo is so lovely!
These earrings (also $1 CAD) were originally quite a bit longer, with dangly spikes below the skull. I thought they were a bit too much and I removed them. But I really love this, it is a combo of the turquoise trend and skull trend.
What jewellery trends are you into lately?
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