Monday, March 18, 2013

Julep Maven March Boho Glam Box & Add-Ons

After spending a good week at the Canadian custom, my March Julep Maven Box finally got here today! I chose the Boho Glam style this month because I really like the color of "Joy", the muted mauve polish. Also I had enough points to pick out a St. Patrick's Day themed add-on trio. For more info and picture, click......

The two polishes from the Boho Glam box are "Leila" a shimmery pale lemon color, and "Joy", a muted smoky mauve. I will have swatches of both of these up next week or so.
The three add-ons I got are "Jane", which I swatched and reviewed in this post, "Sienna" a shimmery cool gold, and "Lucky", which I swatched and reviewed here.
The skincare item included in this box is the Julep Rock Star Hand Creme. It is a nice hand cream, but what caught my attention is the interesting packaging. The dispenser is a twist open cap with a hole at the bottom where the cream will directly come out when you squeeze the tube! Neat!
It smells a bit floral in my opinion, but I am not a scent connoisseur, so don't trust me on this.
The other little bonus we got this month is a strawberry lip balm, it's super cute and taste really sweet!
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