Monday, March 18, 2013

Julep Nail Color In "Jane": Review and Swatches

 "Jane", named after the founder of Julep, is described as a "full-coverage rose gold multi-dimensional glitter". I bought this as a March "add-on". For full review and more swatches, click......

This does look pretty, it really is a bang-on rose gold color. However, the formula needs some serious work. It is INCREDIBLY thick and gloopy, to the point that it's not even nail polish consistency, just straight up gel. Good thing this didn't take too long to dry, because it is pretty thick after two coats (which is what I used in my swatches), and any nicks or dents would have been really noticeable.
I personally do not recommend this, mostly because it was not very pleasant to work with. But the color is pretty, and if you are into rose golds, then this is worth checking out.
Does anyone know a good dupe for this? One with a better consistency?
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