Saturday, March 9, 2013

Lorac 3D Liquid Lustre in Gold Glitter: Review and Swatches

Lorac 3D Liquid Lustre (or luster...) is described as a "shimmering topcoat for the eyes or cheeks".
I was initially very confused by this strange product, because it basically looked like gold shimmer particles suspended in water, and when left undisturbed, all of the shimmer settles to the bottom of the vial.
What the product looks like when it settles.
This picture captures the shimmer!
When applying the product, you basically shake up the vial until the glitter is evenly mixed, use the bulb to draw some product up the dropper, then dab the liquid wherever you desire. The liquid will then dry up, leaving behind a layer of shimmer.
The dropper.
I was surprised by how well the glitter stayed put, despite the liquid base being so thin and non-tacky. This is definitely not a "must-have" beauty item, but if you are a big fan of fine, non-gritty glitter, and enjoy wearing shimmer on the face, then this will be a pretty awesome thing to have around. 
Here is the product swatched on my arm, and let me just note that with this product, a little goes a LONG way. You really never even need to draw up any product using the bulb, because whatever is stuck to the dropper rod is enough to make you shine like a forest fairy!
Lightly swatched and blended.
Heavily Swatched.
Heavily swatched, different lighting.
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