Thursday, April 11, 2013

Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish in "Mermaid's Dream": Review and Swatches

I have fairly good self restraint when it comes to higher-end beauty products. For example, I really don't like spending more than $5 on a nail polish. But for this gem here, I splurged. I know, I know, but it was well worth it, just look at that picture! Haha, for a close-up and my little review of "Mermaid's Dream" from Deborah Lippmann, click......
So "Mermaid's Dream" is a very special opaque glitter/metallic polish. The base is a mint metallic and in the formula there are also baby blue glitter, gold glitter, and larger sky blue glitter. It is just a crazy concoction that is simply mesmerizing! In fact, in certain lights, it turns rather lilac-y blue (I know, it's crazy). And because of the glitter jam-packed formula, this actually has a mild "liquid sand" finish (without a topcoat).
However, despite how amazing this looks, the formula is sort of a pain. It is actually quite thick but applies sheer. In the pictures, I am wearing three coats, and despite that, there are still some subtle "bald patches" that can be noticed if you look closely.
Also, for a glitter, this takes forever to dry completely (2+ hours). I am careful to apply thin coats and let each coat dry before doing another, but for some reason, once I put on the last coat, everything turns gooey again! Also, this chips pretty easily, even with a good topcoat.
However, despite the formulation problem, I love this! This is my go-to summer color, and I literally feel like a mermaid when I wear this!

P.S. Urban Outfitters has a dupe for this polish called "Sea Dust".

Do you own any Deborah Lippmann polishes? Do you think they are worth the price?

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