Thursday, April 11, 2013

Topbox Subscription: April 2013 Regular Box

I chose to go with the regular Topbox again this month. I just like the surprise and anticipation of finding out what combination of products I would receive (especially since they got rid of the box numbers). I also am not the biggest fan of Elizabeth Arden, it is sort of an "old lady's brand" in my opinion. There was a lack of makeup products in this months box which was a bit disappointing, but hopefully there will be a great prive brand next month. To see what I got, click......
1. Boxx Cosmetics- Travel Powder Brush
The online site says the price of the brush is $34, which is outrageous! The brush seems just ok because there were some stray hairs and fraying before I even used it. But it is something I can easily stuff in my purse and use on the go, so that's a plus.

2. Elizabeth Arden- All Gone Eye and Lip Makeup Remover
Again the prive brand product makes its way into the regular boxes. This is half of a full size bottle, which means the sample is around $12. 
I usually use makeup wipes, so I am not too thrilled with this. But I did try it, it is very oily and takes off mascara quite nicely.

3. KMS- FREESHAPE quick blow dry
I know many people got this in past boxes, but I have never receive it, so I am excited to try it. The sample is 30mL so it has a value of about $2.80, still a nice size sample though.
4. Michael Todd True Organics- Jojoba Charcoal Scrub
The sample I received is 30 mL ($5.40) and the full size is 100 mL ($18). I have heard lots of good things about this brand, and I remember someone suggested that Topbox give out samples, and I am glad they listened. 
So far I am liking the way it makes my skin feel, but I liked the stronger scrubbing feeling that the Vasanti Rejuvenating Scrub gave; so this doesn't quite match up. I do hope to try more of their products and maybe even order some once Topbox starts carrying it in online store.

So there are definitely some hits and misses in the box. Overall the value of the box was $20.20, I didn't include the cost of the brush in there because that pricing is clearly off...

What did you get in your box? Did you like the products this month?
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