Friday, April 19, 2013

Etsy Find: Bunny Earrings

If there is one other animal besides sloths that I adore, it is bunnies. My love for bunnies stems from a long standing regret of not buying the awesomest pair of Converse sneakers with bunnies on them. The inside of the shoes even had the words "bunnies are never not awesome" printed on the lining.
Anyhow, whenever there is a special event/ gift giving occasion I take the opportunity to flat out tell my boyfriend what I want. So well before our aniversary I told him that I wanted bunny earrings and so he got me these studs, for more photos, click......
These earrings come from the wonderful Etsy shop Fingerprince which ships all the way from Greece. Because it came from so far away, it did take a while to get here. However, the selection of cute dainty silver earrings is fabulous and all for a reasonable price.
I love these earrings so much, they are too cute for words. I only take them off for showers since they are easy enough to wear all the time. New favorite pair!
What do you think of dainty earrings? would you wear them?
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